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Page update: Sept. 1, 2011

There's no place like home !

This is my Home Page
to merely introduce you to my Oasis!

The Oasis is very extensive ~ a special place to Njoy ~
with a cup of tea, perhaps ~
or simply a spirit of relaxation.

Nothing to buy.
No demands.
Simply ~ things to share.
To see & hear.
Stimulating ideas to ponder.

It's wholesome, fresh and fun.
It's various!
It's alive & dynamic!
It's awesome.

It's also personal. . . and
It awaits your personal discovery.

My Beloved ~

Click the white dove:

My beloved George took flight from Earth September 5, 2008 -
to continue his timeless journey.

To enter into my Oasis and to see what it is all about ~

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Thanks for lingering here!

(aka: Nellita)

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