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Page created: March 30, 2005

This portrait hangs in its antique frame in our bedroom.

Until seeing this unframed copy, we didn't know of notations
on the back of the portrait. It was hand-tinted, as was the custom,
and the colors were noted on the back.
There was also a small print with the date it was made.

George was born February 13, 1922,
in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

He was the only son of Leo S. Hay and Lucy Snow Hay.
He had one sister, Lorraine, seven years his senior.

His Dad had studied to be an attorney prior to WWI
at the University of Chicago, He resumed it later and did become an attorney!
George also recalls stories of his dad's Stutz Bearcat
in Kansas (a family stronghold),
and many adventures - or misadventures - in it!
One story involves the Stutz' entanglement with a cow
on a country road.
Seems that the cow trotted off into the pasture
and Leo and his Bearcat proceeded on down the road!
. . . or so the story goes!

In fact George was a student at the University of Oklahoma
at the same time Leo had returned to college to complete his legal training,
with young George commuting to classes in a carload
of several aspiring legal-eagles, including his Dad.
He says it may have discouraged his own pursuit of that profession.
Too many legal terms over a two-year commute spoiled the glory!
But his grandfather and great Uncle George were both
Federal Judges & pressure to become an attorney was great.
They offered him a position in a firm if he decided to become a lawyer.
Sundry circimstances led him into Engineering, instead.

But back to George's youth.
When George was a kid, his Dad
worked for various municipal utilities companies.
This took him and his family to several cities
where George was always "the new kid" in school.

Perhaps some of you can relate to that!

They lived in Indianapolis, Indiana,
in Watertown, New York,
and later moved to Reading, Pennsylvania,
where Leo was the head of the electric utilities company.
There was also a brief stay at Washington, D.C.

Frolicking - George and Lorrie deep in the snow with their dog, Jack.
And with their mother, Lucy on the steps.

George and his sister had a great relationship,
since Lorrie was enthusiastic about outdoor activities,
and, for sure, George always loved to roam the woods & hills
and to fish the streams!

The family enjoyed many outings together.
Lucy loved to fish, too - as you can see here!

George enjoyed all the kids' things, of course. . .

. . . perhaps some more than others!

One special joy was the year he received
his first golfing equipment for Christmas!

He was out trying it when he heard his Dad
tell his mother, "The boy has a natural swing!"
He remembers it vividly. -
He still swings a great golf club
and sometimes wonders why he didn't follow through
more seriously with a golf career!
Next to fishing and just ahead of woodworking,
it is his most beloved activity.

One special person in his life was Mamie.
She came to this country from Ireland
and was with his grandmother, helping with her family,
then came to be with George's mother and her family.
She dearly loved George and Lorrie,
and she was so proud when he served in the Navy.

(There are many more photos to be added.)

Many of the mementoes for this page have come back into George's life
from Lorrie's daughter, Carol,
who has become the family historian.
Thank you, Carol!
I just can't say enough about the work you've put into it!
You've created invaluable family scrapbooks- each with such verve!
And you so thoughtfully sent George many of these special
photos and mementos which Lorrie kept and treasured.
We are indebted to you!

I met Lorrie and her family at a reunion at Denton, July 4, 1997.

Since that time, there have been vast changes.
Lorrie and her beloved sister-in-law, Elizabeth Hudspeth,
have both passed on.
Many of the little ones at the 1997 reunion are becoming teenagers;
and people have moved from one place to another.
But it is a very loving, close family, of which we are thankful to be a part.

Another July 4th reunion took place at Denton in 2003,
and we've visited several times with George's niece, Jo Anne
and her husband Jorge.
We hope to see them again, and perhaps Carol will come with them.


To revisit George's WWII Navy experiences

Will be more about George's growing up
(pages still under construction)

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