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My George..

..or Yorio, as he's sometimes nicknamed.

My George is a man of many talents and interests!

In addition to his avocations covered on other pages in my site,
such as gardening, ranching, building, studying and exchanging ideas -
he enjoys numerous hobbies and pleasures of various kinds.

This page won't attempt to touch upon all of them,
but it will show some of his less-known "other sides"...
(some which happen to include me!)

He truly loves the out-of-doors and communing with nature.

We both enjoy camping out -
enjoying gorgeous sunsets and mountain vistas,
while feasting on music and sipping something nice.

While George is fishing, I'm getting in a little reading!

Our recreational vehicles,
while a pleasure - and accommodations for us even at the ranch,
were initially primarily for the sake of our two very indoor cats!

Tents were not their thing, that one time many years ago!
But that's a whole other subject!

For absolute pleasure's sake,
George has a handful of major hobbies.

One that sometimes crosses the line into vocational activity
is woodworking and carpentry.
He's a master of these, in fact!

His "shop" - in the garage - also has a darkroom, which he built.
Yes, old-fashioned artistry, not only the taking of photographs
with one of his several fine cameras, but developing them, too!

I am getting a little concerned, however.
Seeing me taking digital photos and processing them just with my
computer and printer -- the purist is beginning to crumble a little!

This is George - at an earlier age! -
Diving into Lake Michigan, before the War.
What form! What bravado!

There's probably nothing geophysical he finds more soothing
than the water - be it sea, lake or river....
or even a hot-tub!
OK - I know! It's not a geophysical phenomenon, but it works well!

His Navy experience carved a niche in his heart for boats and ships
from canoes to sailboats to bass-boats - to liners and battleships!

And this brings me to his all-time favorite outdoor activity:
Fly tying and fishing, top-water bass-fishing, bone-fishing- any!

He can wax poetic about several things...
but the expression in his eyes and on his face speaks lyrics
when he's out on a still "bassy lake" in the cool of evening
or early in the morning, seamlessly gliding along the banks
using only a trolling motor in the boat, so that there's only
the swishing sound of his lightest-weight line, as it whips
through the air and plunks a lure on top the water...
then his motions make it skip across the surface,
so as to entice a big-ole-bass to take a nibble...Wow!

I enjoy the water, too. Somewhat too sensitive to sun now.

But before it became a limit,
I spent many great summer days on the water - especially
on this deckboat - on the many lakes around Dallas,
often sketching or writing as we glided along -
and sometimes, even trying my casting skills.

I drank a lot of lake water trying to master skiing, too!
(Again - another story - and more humorous in retrospect!
I'll admit I'm no althete! But I'm game to try!)


This little sunfish was the predecessor to the deckboat -
I became a pretty good second mate! (smile)
I could trim the boat and roll up the sail tight as can be!
We spent many wonderful days sailing on White Rock Lake -
which is only a short distance from where we live now!
And - again - we spent a lot of time in the water.
Capsizing was a regular occurence!

One of our favorite spots to camp, boat and fish is Lake O'The Pines
over in Northeast Texas.

This is a little watercolor I did from our campsite.

But we've enjoyed many other Texas lakes, as well,
and there are adventures associated with each of them!

Our dream of a home near a lake, with other amenities -
golf courses and swimming pools, for instance -
is coming much nearer to fulfillment, too!

Well -- there may have been doubt about my angling skills!
But there's no doubt I could get into yachting with no effort!
Oh, yeah.....
(I could stay in till the sun was low in the sky!)

George's second-favorite outdoor sport is golf.
Actually, he keeps a putter and a ball handy in the den for practise!
Ever since he was a small lad, he's had a natural swing.
He continues to play a good game, although
he's not quite scored his age yet! He's narrowing the gap!

Lest it seem he's all brawn, he has many other interests, too!

He had a head-start on entertainment as an avocation!
Even back in his days at Cornell University (as an ensign),
he showed this propensity for it!


Who know how far he might have gone?

But - he's ....

acclaimed for his thespian abilities... at every get-together skit!

Audiences love him!

Which brings up the other side of the stage...Being IN the audience.
Music enthralls both of us.
We attend concerts and opera whenever possible.

Each of us enjoys playing a musical instrument;
in a pinch, a keyboard.

I really prefer to play my non-electronic pianos, though.
I can literally "lose myself" playing for hours at a time!

George occasionally sits down and plays the Lowrey organ,
but I suspect it's the harmonica he really loves.
And - the comfort of home.

Yet, for us, travelling is a delightful shared interest.
I'll be adding more about our travels...which we plan to continue.

In the meantime, - if George is not working on his inventions,
listening to music, writing or reading,dreaming of hang-gliding...

or cooking fabulous food, it's very likely that he's ......

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