Tribute To Heroes and Victims

Music: "God Bless America", sung by Celine Dion.
page updated: April 30, 2004

~That day~

They were in their offices, doing their work.
Earlier, they'd eaten breakfast with their families,
or - perhaps - snatched up a bagel to eat on the way.
They'd hurried off to the city and to the building,
then, up the elevators to their respective floors
and on to their offices or cubicles.

Suddenly, struck ~ their entire lives
instantly, viciously snuffed out.
The unthinkable - happened.

The majestic buildings where they worked, toppled.
Desperation and heroism mixed in their last moments.

There was "no way out" amid crumbling walls and floors.
Some decided to jump - there was no good escape.

A nation was paralyzed in shock ~ watching on CNN.
We gasped. We cried. We shuddered.
We were shaken to the core.
Each of our own lives felt violated.

We still do gasp and shudder and cry.
We're still shaken.
There is still the anquish of having been violated.

But - we are not done-in. We did not crumble,
as those tall buildings did upon impact.
WE don't do that. Never have. Never will.

Someone or someones - caused this.
They shall learn their misjudgment.

Other heros rushed to the aid of the victims.
Many of them died, as well.
In the aftermath, a city and a nation joined forces
to clean up, to repair, to restore.
First and foremost, we are builders, not destroyers.
It's been our style from the beginning.
We rush to help in recovery,
wherever destruction strikes or reigns.
We bring defenses, food, bandages, and courage
- as fits the need.

We do no less for others - but these were our own.
These of 9-11 were all People . . . OUR precious people.

Each, an individual person.

Each life, in its full progress,
fulfilling the opportunity afforded by
this special land of ours.

ALL - suddenly, senselessly - stopped -
brutally quelled - much too soon.

The loss....senseless loss....
The tragic loss.
Oh! Yes! - We DO take it personally!

Nothing can make it what it was before.
Except love and hope and faith and courage,
which built America from the beginning
and sustained it through every trauma.

These, we have ~ and must maintain.

as He continues to.

We shall always remember that day, those people ~
Our people.
They did not die in vain!

2001-2004 - Page Created & Copyrighted by Nellieanna H. Hay

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