Page created: July 4, 2005

Background music:
"The Star Spangled Banner"

Beautifully performed by:
Canadian John McDermott

I invite you to pause and be reminded of
the true spirit of our country,
as well as the spirit which exists between her and
her other North American neighbors.

Sometimes our image is dimmed,
but it is good to know that our true spirit
is not so obscured that it is not still noticed and appreciated.

It's up to each of us to be examples of what it is.

Our history, our heritage. . .

One of the first designs for our flag declared. . .
which certainly reflected the determination underlying our. . .

Declaration of Independence. . .
and, later - our Pledge of Allegiance!

Click John Wayne to hear his narration of it!

Let us bear in mind the intention & determination of that declaration
and the pledge of allegiance today and every day!

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