Music: Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer
Artist: Nat King Cole

Page created: June 5, 2002
Page updated: July 10, 2010

Ah - those
Lazy, hazy days
of Summer . . .


Once again, delightful
to look out across our patio
and see this lovely sight in the yard.
Each year when these voluntary flowers
pop up and bloom, they seem - a miracle.

Perhaps...they are!


And isn't it inspiring!
Isn't the approach of summer fun?
Those lazy, hazy - daze?
Renews one's childlike views!

In summertime,
Melting down
Winter's certainties...
Makes quite a puddle!



Sip something cool and refreshing!
Start home-made ice cream!
Slice a watermelon!

Get a sticky face and not care!

Lie in a hammock or
swing in a porch swing.
Best - swing in a rope swing
hung from a branch of a sturdy tree!

...unless you happen to have sky hooks
or perpetual balloons like this...

Otherwise -
one needs a fairly horizontal tree limb
to support a good heavy rope with
a solid plank seat made from raw lumber
notched by hand on the sides
where the rope slides through
and under the seat,
then out another notch
and back up to the tree limb.

Go fishing - or swimming - or canoeing.
Snorkle or water ski!
Get rained on or drenched by
water pistols or lawn sprinklers!
Do laps in a pool or lounge in a spa!

Go to the circus or the zoo!
Shoot marbles, play jacks -
spin a top or a yo-yo,
Catch lightning bugs!

Roll in the grass!
Play ball!

Eat something raw right out of the garden
or picked from a fruit tree or berry vine!

. . .of course, sans dirt, bugs or pesticides!

Build a bird-house or feeder!

Oh - why not build a wonderful
tree-house or rose arbor!

Jump rope! Play hop-scotch!
Visit a national shrine!
Watch a real-life parade,
go to a sailboat regatta
or a hot-air balloon show...
.....the beach.....
whatever's fun - in your area.

Have a picnic -
eat peanut butter and jelly!

Do simple things.
Forget the big-deal stuff.
Just have some fun!

Remember how it was simply to enjoy
touching, seeing, sniffing, hearing, tasting ~
Ah! - All the delightful sensations!

Just getting a buzz out of simple pleasures!

Simply fabulous!

It's not so much what one does -
And NOT what it costs!
But it's the spirit of it!!

So ~ Go and create a great summer for yourself!


2002-2010 Created & Copyrighted by Nellieanna H. Hay