Page created- Nov.28, 2004
Updated- Jan. 1, 2006

Yes, a snow in Dallas!

Most recent Dallas snow
December, 2004

Stocking up on wintry soups & things!

Glad you joined me for winter's days
when it's snowed in Dallas!

Now, it's ...





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Crispy winter morn,
Your somber grays
Look green to me

Your startling white
Is softly pink;
Your faded blues,
Clear indigo!

So how you look -
Is up to me;
I give you that.

Now Spring rings
In my heart,
Imparting light and life
To all I see.

Sparrows shivering
on their limbs
Preferring wintery trees
Where they belong,
To flying south
For early spring.
They bring their hope
To sleeping trees
And sing their
melodies to me!

___Nellieanna Hay