I wrote the poem about 1973.
Poem: "Revolving Door", written & narrated by NH

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Page updated: October 17, 2014


Ah - A Revolving Door

real - or - merely fantasy?
I ponder ~


But - whether subjective perception
is what is "real" or simply one's own processing -
raises questions.
And if not, then - what?
Or if so, - then - what?
More questions than answers.

Certainly, all too often, lives seem to pass,
almost without touching, almost invisibly and inaudibly -
- and, yet, sometimes ....
leaving an unmistakeable
....if only - a misty essence of another presence.

Either way, the poem was the expression
of mine, at the time.
It lingers, as though a whiff of a nostalgic essence persists...

Revolving Door

You seemed to be a door

Appearing - suddenly,

Unlike all other doors before,

Or any that would be.

Cautious, careful, curious

Was my approach,

Wondering if I should,

If it is good

To try the latch.

Then swiftly, unexpectedly -

The other side!

Amazed, I gaze,

I glance behind me.

There is no door!

There is no you!

I am alone!

. . . Was I the door

That you passed through,

The other way?

If so,

Perhaps it helped you more.

______ Nellieanna H. Hay
fall, 1973



- - -

1970-2014 - Created & copyrighted by Nellieanna H. Hay