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George Hay!

Meet himself and meander together
among some of his special treasures...

His mother was incredibly talented,
as her wood carving artistry here illustrates!

The crest hangs above my mother's Victorian sofa in our living room.

Our treasures have so meshed, it's difficult to remember whose they are.
When we married, we each had a housefull of lifetime-accummulated things.
Here is his mother's lovely little hand-carved table,
(whose leg with triple "feet" she hand-turned on the lathe and carved,
as well as doing the intricate hand-carving of the top).
My set of Emily Dickinson's complete letters and poetry rests atop it,
- all right next to George's Lowrey organ,
one of the instruments he enjoys playing.

He always loved to fish!
His mother carved and painted this one for him as a gift!

It's almost impossible to isolate things in our house!
The bronze horse belonged to his father from WWI time
- as did the flute, which he played quite well.

The little antique Chinese urn was my mother's.
The fragrance of fine incense still lingers in it.
He remembers the little carved alabaster lighthouse from earliest youth!
We obtained the slice of geode on one of our excursions.
One of the first gifts George gave me was the dark vase there.
The clock was a gift to us from one of his granddaughters.

The vase, which was in George's family several generations,
resting on one of my mother's pieces of fine needlework -
she did the drawn-work and intricate embroidery on linen for her "hope-chest"
as girls of her generation did.

My George is a poet, as well!

He entered the Navy during WWII, which started while he was in college at the University of Oklahoma.
He received officer's training on the campuses of several Universities,
used by the military during the war, including
Notre Dame and Cornell,
as well as on a couple of military bases.
After his service as officer on LST ships and as Captain of one of them in the South Pacific,
he completed college at Texas Tech, in Industrial Engineering.

A happy occasion! And a wonderful life!

Tam and muffler from Scotland were given him at his retirement party.

However, a bearded gentleman seems to be wearing it now!
I wonder.....

Clue: If he loves danceable Latin tunes, as well as the beverage, it must be George!

Plus, a marvelous event
on Labor Day Weekend, 2000...
His granddaughter, Alison Rogers,
made him a great-grandfather!

How time flies!
Logan's ready for his first day of school, 2005!!

And here he & George are arm-wrestling January, 2006!

Some of our progeny!


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Since I've known him!

Young George!

George's Ships!
George in the Navy in WWII!
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Catz and Clownz!
George& I & our cats!

George After All
Some days following his heart attack in Sept, 2001!

My loss of my beloved.
Commemorating his life and death,
February 13, 1922 - September 5, 2008.


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