Music: Fields of Gold
Vocal and guitar: Eva Cassidy

Page updated: May 21, 2006

~ Letting in the Light!~

Rediscovering...what it's all about!

Hurry! We burn
For Rome so near us, for the phoenix moment
When we have thrown off this traveller's trance
And mother-naked and ageless-ancient
Wake in her warm nest of renaissance.

____Cecil Day-Lewis

Unfolding anew, like the lotus blossom,
An all-new, yet ageless, awakening

Truth and beauty,


What really is,
Is what you cannot see
With your two eyes.
You cannot see
Yourself from outside,
Nor see another
From his inside.
Yet, what is, IS.
And this,
You can perceive.

____Nellieanna H Hay

What is renaissance? we may ask.
Historically, The Renaissance heralded the end of The Dark Ages.
It brought enlightenment.
rebirth, revival, restoration...
at least, for some.
Even now, renaissance does happen...individually,
though it may seem that, collectively...
mostly, darkness reigns.
And yet, it only requires one lamp or candle...apiece!
Let it glow.

Shadow owes its birth to light.


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