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Remembering our dear friends who have left us~

Remembrance is a constant thing,
even when it's not foremost in our minds,
it abides with us ~

Today and every day ~

Jane Byers (aka: Peril or Delilah) - such a beloved friend.
September 9, 1923 - March 14, 2004

She truly raised the quality of the entire
group of whomever she was among
with her elegance, her wit, her ideas
and her charm.
We miss her greatly.

Stella Bauer (aka: Catfid) - a dearer person, I've never met.
(d) January 22, 2005

There are hardly words to describe this gracious lady
or to recall all the many dear memories
of times shared with her.

Frank Corpe (aka: Sarge) - He cheered others, no matter what.
August 26, 1927 - January 25, 2005

His good spirits and joy of living
were contagious.

Bill Hudson (aka: Punjab or PJ) - He was a friend to many.
(d) December 20, 2004

It was a pleasure to know him online
as well as at get-togethers shared.

Lily Swarts, dear online friend from Holland.

Lily was always ready with a smile or a laugh.
She was the essence of good humor!

Vic Lewis - beloved chat friend to many.
October 23, 1916 - August 15, 2000

Vic disproved any thought of age limits
in excelling at so many things!

Zelpha (Zel) Turner - Dear person and friend.
January 10, 1928 - May 2, 2005

I've known her online for about seven years.
She was very special to me,
as well as to many others.

Sweet Sheryl (Kerry Blue)
(d) June 7, 2005

Her cheerful disposition was a delight to all.
She will be greatly missed.

Carol (BooBoo) Hyde
(d) August 13, 2005

Everyone who knew her recalls her optimism
and the way her kindness infected others.
I personally treasure those earliest days online
when she was a newbie and I was her mentor.
Every day when I came online,
many eager questions needed answers.
Then she spread her own wings &
began passing along her own help to others
and spreading her own brand of sunshine.

After I learned of her passing, I wrote this:

Her spirit didn't have far to rise ~
It was always soaring!

Valerie (Flowering Gypsy)
(d) August 25, 2005

Flowers were her business.
She brought much brightness to the people
around her and we will miss her greatly.

Peter Galt (HamishTheHaggis)

b-1933? d-August, 2005
Home: Lyttleton, NZ

I cannot possibly write a tribute to our friend "Haggis"
to begin to equal this heart-felt, dear one written by our
equally beloved Sheila Lee about him.
So I'll just copy her exact words:~

Dear Friends...

It's with deep sadness to tell you....that Peter Galt (aka "Haggis").....passed away last Edinburgh, Scotland. I'd spoken to him the week before. He was enjoying being with the family....(even his son, Matt, went with him this time.) His daughter, Yvonne, was married on August 6th....and Peter walked her down the isle...(wearing his kilt.....which he groused about....but wore it anyway. Apparently most of the men were wearing them.) Family and friends came from visit......and he was in his glory. Even....the evening before he died......the family had been out to dinner. And Peter.....(who usually goes to bed early)....enjoyed staying later than they all had planned. I was going to call him....last Sunday. But.....early on Saturday morning.....his neighbor, Joycie, in New Zealand.....called me....very tell me what happened. A few hours later.....his daughter, Yvonne, called....from Scotland....and we talked a while. Peter had a very good life. He worked in the Merchant Marine for 40 years....and loved every minute of it. He sailed the world several times....and saw places you and I will never see. He was happily married for nearly 40 years to Ann....his Scottish sweetheart. He finally decided on New a "home base". He and Ann had two children....Matt and Yvonne.....and made some wonderful friends in NZ. He returned to Scotland every several years....(with Ann.....till she passed away 12 years ago.).....and stayed close to his only sister, Rena....and her husband, Mitch. The family there in Scotland is a close one....and I'm so very grateful that he was "there".....where they could all help him......and one another. I first met Peter in MSN Seniors....and Bartender's Pub. He'd bought a computer...."on impulse"....(as did I).....and we both managed to stumble into the Chat room around the same time....and became very close friends. It was thru his...and his family's generosity.....that I was able to visit Scotland....Ireland...and New Zealand. We sure had some great adventures. We would have known each other 7 month. He was his own man. A times....(and my favorite nickname for him was "grouchy auld Scots Bastard".....*lol*......which amused him.) But.....he had a great sense of humour.....a sense of loyalty.....and a sense of family. I will remember him always......with smiles.....and much affection! Keep him in your prayers...(he'll always be needing THOSE.......*smile*) Love to all................Sheila

Katrina Miller
- A special friend and dear soul.
d-April 1, 2006

George & I met Katrina at one of the first of the Branson get-togethers the Bartender's Pubbies had. She was such a dear, sweet lady. And all through her ups and downs that followed, she remained the same sweet person we all loved and enjoyed so much.

Those get-togethers were filled with so many of our beloved friends, with laughter and sharing. As I looked for pictures of Katrina, I found several from that get-together. Please indulge me while I post them here.

Stu Rothman ("Alaskan Sourdough")
- A valued friend.
d-February 8, 2007

Stu was always an interesting chat contributor, often introducing bright thought-provoking topics.

He was an active civic leader in Fairbanks, Alaska. His publications included a regimental paper for his Korean infantry regiment. He also was a published author, 1977, "The Lens is My Brush" and "A Window on Life". He published "The Fairbanks Magazine", the official city tourist publication. Along with that work came hundreds of thousands of brochures. Cameramen everywhere know about Stu and his passion for photography.

I had the privilege of receiving two of his publications as gifts, which I treasure. His photos and poetry bespoke the man, who on occasion also pointed out to me facts and dangers about the internet. I considered him a true friend, though one I never met in person.

What none of us in chat probably knew was that Stu originally hailed from Detroit and joined the Army in 1948, soon posted to General MacArthur's staff in Tokyo. He was given a Memorial full 21 gun salute following his death.

Sheila Blaubach
- A special lady to so many.
d-January 15, 2008

Sheila traveled over most of the United States and visited England. She contributed voluteer work, as well as knitting for premature infants. Her creativity included crochet, knitting, oil painting and cooking.

George and I also met Sheila at a Branson get-together, when two of her sisters joined all the chat friends. Sheila was always a faithful participant.

Remembering a lifelong friend ~

Kenneth Bishop

March 29, 1930 - August 6, 1984

Kenneth was a special person.

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