Page updated: January 5, 2006

At Night..The Desert..Beckons Us

Night or day, the desert is pure magic.
My own southwestern Texas desert is no exception!

On Scruffy Butte, a lonely Spanish Dagger bids farewell to daylight.

The desert itself seems to hold enigmatic secrets -
like a magnificent woman seems always to be
at least a hint of mystery.

She defies exact description, being many things,
many-faceted, never simple.

Searching for answers, futile.
There ever remains that elusiveness,
in desert or in woman.

Under the cloak of NIGHT
desert transforms into an exotic romantic.
She's fluid, graceful, ethereal - like a ballerina.

Desert people, like its flora and fauna, possess enigmatic natures,
perhaps born of the same distant stellar material,
at some distant time.

The nighttime sky is populated with those stars
in brilliant profusion.
Without other light to interfere,
save brilliant moonlight on those nights it reigns.

"Don't the moon look pretty, a-shinin' through the trees."

Notice how this thin crystal-clear desert air allows
a closer, clearer view of our own Milky Way galaxy?
See constellations crowd and overlap each other
in the dense clarity of this desert sky!


Sometimes - when the atmosphere is just right -
and air currents are in perfect sync,
a subtle music rises from the desert itself.

After one experiences the desert, one is never quite the same again.

How I love my desert, both in its bright clear daylight
and cloaked with mysterious, fascinating - night!

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1970-2006 - Created & Copyrighted by Nellieanna H. Hay

(photos by Nellieanna, taken at the Flying Dutchman Ranch.)