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I know . . . I've said we have no pets at present.
But actually, this cat considers us her pets.
I call her Honey Cat.
That doesn't mean she consents.
It seems to fit her, though.
(Could call her Funny Cat just as easily!)

She comes & goes as she pleases,
dropping by for an occasional love-fix.
Problem is, she seems to think loving has to hurt.
Oh - she loves to be sweet-talked & stroked ~
till she decides to take a bite of her stroker! ~
So we do most of our sweet talk & loving
ONLY through transparent patio doors!

Barb loves cats!
I think I missed one of the names -
Help! Barb!

Satinhoney (Judi)rescued Indi as a tiny kitten.
They live in Ontario, and all the others
were kidnapped by a fox.
Judi's boys thought of naming the kitten
for Indiana Jones - it was 14 years age -
and Judi thought of him as a survivor;
hence the combined name - Indivivor!

John is our friend and neighbor
(and sometimes online buddy).
He and Mollie recently moved into
another house - not to far away -
and Mollie is starting to like it!

Minka lives with Jan (Twiggy)and Doug in New Zealand!
She's been a pet and family friend
for at least as long as I've known Jan -
about 8 or so years!

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