Page created: April 12, 2005
Updated: March 1, 2009

This was our "doggie" - Toulouse,
('Tous' or 'Toussie' for short.)
He had more of a doggie personality than most cats!
He was a Balinese Linx - a type of Siamese-
and one of the characteristics is a rather demanding manner!
But he was so charming, it was ok!

Ms Pat Ryan's Pirindepugg!

Ron's beloved Bobby, gone but not forgotten.
A good dog, Ron says.

Ringadingy (Kay's) Ping-Pong and Ringo.

Herma's Tristan.

Rabbit (Bob's) Bud!

SeaDog's huskies.

TBT's Thrilling Bull Terrier.

Flowering Gypsy (Valerie's) adorable dog!

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