Page updated: March 1, 2009

Today is. . .

Our beloved Camille - how she's missed -
along with her brother, Toulouse.

Ginger has a bit of a problem
taking pictures of Buddy
because he's terrified of lightning
so he associates the camera flash with it!
It requires a "partner in crime" - as she explains -
to keep him distracted while she snaps a picture!

But this one turned out so well -
he's relaxed and all sacked out on the sofa!

Bill with his good pet friends!

It's obvious there's a lot of affection shared!

How charming! She oughta be in pictures!

Loroli (Wendy) entered Missy in a contest.
How could she keep from winning?
She's such a beauty!
In all honesty, Missy admits to being
naughty occasionally.
She's been known to dig holes and roll in the dirt,
jump fences, remove washing from the clothesline,
and such "dogs will be dogs" activities!
She knows she's loved unconditionally, though -
even though her Dad may sometimes become perturbed!

Carol_NZ's Lucy has quite a personality!
She's been seen hitching rides on Bessie's back!

That is a most regal-looking dog!
I wonder if he's really a Scamp, as his name says?

Aw - how cuddly looking!

Jasmine is so elegant!

We love 'em all!

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