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Music: Mr. Kelly
Written & sung by: Rod McKuen

I don't have a pet right now.
This is "Gus" & I - about 1960!

She lives in New Zealand -
a close friend of Jan (Twiggy).
Meisha's human is Kathie, Twiggy's friend.

Here's Meisha, looking elegant perched atop her basket. . .

. . . and obviously annoyed at being awakened too early!

He lived in Baytown, Texas, mostly -
and happily went wherever his master - Ryan
took him - in the pickup or the 'Vette.

Ryan is a friend online & in real life, and a ranch neighbor, too.

Lojack was talented! He was leaping for a frisbie into the water!

Eventually LoJack had a little protégé - Princess!
He comforted and protected her from babyhood to maturity.
The prelude of friendship led to serious courtship!
Unfortunately, Lojack didn't survive to see his pups.

Princess gave birth to 5 beautiful Labs, four black
and one chocolate, like her own mother.

This picture was taken in July, 2006.
Of course, they've continued to grow,
and several have left the nest.

Ron rescued this darling kitty from freezing
in the Canadian snow.
Now that she's well settled in -
she does allow him the run of the house!

Carmel (Canadian Puss) is the mistress
of Lulu - what a cutie!

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