MUSIC: Margaritaville!
Performed by: Alan Jackson and Jimmy Buffet

Page updated: July 31, 2005


It was in early September ~

We met our online friends from England -
Bob and Melanie ~
Then we partied, ate great food, saw the Orlando sights,
shopped, lounged, soaked up sun.
It was glorious!

Where to go next?

tough decisions!

Bob! What do you mean, OHAHA?

That needs a lot more discussion!

George has an idea - - !

~ genius at work!


Good margaritas, George! zzzzzz...

The whole group goes zzzzzz...

It was such a wonderful visit!

They brought us a gift. . .

. . . to remind us of our London Bobby friend
and his lovely lady.
Thank you, dear hearts!

Las Vegas - 99!

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