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Page updated: May 20, 2006
by Nellieanna H. Hay

Featuring a song that always made me cry-
"Once Upon A Time" ~
This concert rendition
sung by Bobby Darin

A stoic young woman heard this song
one Saturday morning.
Suddenly there flooded through her
heart and soul
such nostalgia and sense of loss,
that she sat down and cried.

Her basket of garden things spilled,
her small frame trembling with emotion,
she wondered what happened to that girl
of seventeen?
Was she lost and gone forever?
It seemed to be so.

Soon she arose and went to find pen and paper
and wrote this poem:

Echo of Life

Elusive dreams - perfections,
Approach reality,
Only to subside too soon.
Perfect love - the dream of dreams,
Its after-image left behind,
Itself, now near - now far again.
Now crest,
Now fall,
Though - best
And clearest dream of all -
Nearest to unfolding, -
and dearest.

Oh! Could it ever be?
Or do I dream in vain,
as others do?
Is truth a hollow promise,
And love an empty shell,
That I must let them go?

___by Nellieanna Hay


2006 - Created & Copyrighted by Nellieanna H. Hay