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Page update: May 20, 2006

The sweet -- the bittersweet of life,
with all its challenges,
its glories and its let-downs,
the uncertainty.
Ah! The wisdom of understanding
(yes, even...insecurity...)
is really what it's "about".

HOW one deals with these,
the crashing let-downs
~ those futile disappointments ~
far surpasses any other
talent or skill we may have or acquire.

For it is out of real experience
That one grows.
And experience must include
both sides of any coin,
for that coin to be "spendable tender" - in life.

So garner it ... and spend it wisely!

Thoughts jotted down -
on those sweet bittersweet moments of life ...


When we realize it's over, what is there to do?

If we were not the first to know,
We've our feelings, showing through.
Should we kick and scream,
Hurl blame and weep and wail?
As if to bring it back ? But, no ~ to no avail.

Of course, we're sad, We feel bereft, adrift.
We tried, we're crushed. We want no rift.
We cry aloud, repeat
Our hurt, our disappointment,
Beat our chests.
Ah! It is so bittersweet!

Yet when the clouds have passed, We find we are alive,
No cause to strive!
The space begins to fill And there is no regret.
For - where love was, It lingers, yet.
It simply visited then, And now it's taken flight.
For love's a winged thing! To have, but not to cling.
It often stays where it is free. It will not be contained.
It gives to us its all. It will not be detained.

To become a part of it, we let it flee,
So we, too, can fly its path up off the ground,
Knowing we can neither bid it visit,
Nor, once there...hold it down.

When it is ready, it will simply BE,
Where it has company.

______Nellieanna Hay, February 26, 2001

And where, we may ask, does Love find "company"?
Well...consider this -

"Love is very patient and kind, is not jealous or envious, not boastful or proud, not haughty or selfish or rude.
Love does not demand its own way. It is not irritable or touchy. It does not hold grudges and will hardly even notice when others do wrong.
It is not glad about injustice, but rejoices whenever truth prevails.

If you love someone, you will be loyal, no matter what the cost. You will believe in him, expect the best of him and you will stand your ground in defending him.

All the special gifts and powers will someday come to an end, but love goes on...forever."

_______I Corinthians 13:4-8

Ah! The company of Love ~ a worthy aspiration!

I think I know
The path, each time -
Into your heart,
Until I round the curve
And hear the song.

The notes sounds so familiar -
Till they start.


There is there, you.
There is here, I.
No ties
But kinship.
No why
But need we share.
No time
But now.
There is no "how"
But thus,
No ones
But us.
No name applies,
But "life".
It simply lives,
Gives back into itself.


A flower
Cannot be admired
For durability...
So life provides
Fresh flowers
For their true admirers.


Sweet stirring
Of the heart
From a dreamless sleep,
To view
The morning dawn.


You walked with me,
A path that wound
Around my soul
And found
My soul,
And left it free.
Perhaps it made but little sense to you,
But never did you impose
Your sense upon it.
For this,
You, too - are free to be
My friend.


You seemed to be a door
Appearing - suddenly,
Unlike all other doors
Or any that would be.
Cautious, careful, curious
Was my approach,
Wondering if I should,
And if it is good
To try the latch.
Then swiftly,
Unexpectedly -
The other side!
Amazed, I gaze around,
I glance behind me.
There is no door!
There is no you!
I am alone!
Was I the door
That you passed through,
The other way?

If so,
Perhaps it helped you, too.


Unfold yourself.
Your inner treasures,
Measures of such pleasures,
Radiating out and from the source,
To course along a
Misty, glistened stream,
A dream
Become reality.
Reality becomes
The better dream.


How to help,
Not hurt,
When even caring is a shifted weight?
How - ?
When response itself becomes demand,
To one who's overburdened,
So much that contrast
Tears the soul apart,
Overwhelming with too much emotion.
How to reach that heart
With gentle sustenance?


Low ebb provides
Another view.
Love YOU first,
Then you'll be free
For loving me

I don't believe
In Destiny.
But you're
My destiny,
If you occur.


The value in some days
Is in their total
Lack of value.
Being only certain
Of uncertainty
Provides a certain
Freedom from



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