Updated: Nov. 2, 2009
Background midi based on: "You'll See" by Madonna

Ancient Egypt

Times of Nefertiti!

Ah! Those days of Splendor!!

Visualize cool, vivid white linen and fine cotton robes,
designed for comfort in an arid sun-bathed land.
Notice how gracefully bare feet ascend and descend
hand-lain stone stairways to and from
the stratosphere of gleaming towers.

See unimaginable richness of finely crafted gold
displayed as lavishly as modern cities display
steel, glass, ceramics and plastics.
Feel cool open porticos allowing admittance to
breezes laden with the mysterious aromas of
herbs, incense and musk used in rituals and
in elaborate preparations for Life hereafter.

Picture statuesque headgear and elegantly simple clothing,
sparkling architecture and breathtaking gardens,
pantheism, sparkling temples and statues, the Pyramids ~
and always, ever - the life-giving Nile.

Notice an awesome reverence for sacred objects and
worshipful honoring of things mysterious, powerful,
beautiful, brilliant ~ and - always, the quest for ~

~ permanence.

Perhaps we can grasp the concept
by considering the interlocking principles
of sub-cellular physics -
and man's brave, but feeble, attempts
to explain the inexplicable.

'The more things change -
the more they stay the same',
a phrase attributed to Mark Twain, and
oft-repeated as original by various
and sundry folks ever since.

My fascination with the land of the Pharoahs began early.
A favorite book I loved to pour over endlessly,
even before I started school quite young, -
was an illustrated Compton's introductory volume.
(As far as I know, we never received any further volumes!
I truly didn't miss them!!!! - This one contained so much!)

When my sister visited over there,
she brought back several things for me.
These paintings on papyrus, for instance.

Notice, I used a snippet of the papyrus
for the background here.

As flow is fed,
So it distributes

I've pondered this...
admiring a civilization that happened -
well - almost in the Stone Age!
How so? And yet, Egypt is not alone!
There's also Peru and along the Tigris and Euphrates -
well, all over our planet - somehow there has been light!

Isn't it awe-inspiring?
To realize how many milennia have actually passed
since people like these - lived and breathed..

since this Queen Nefertiti lived?

Nor was she "just another pretty face"!
She was Queen to a people - but more,
to, possibly, one of the most enlightened men
of ancient times -- Pharoah Ahknaton -
The only one to reject polytheism.

While alive and with her at his side, he made a difference,
destroying the multiplicity of "gods".
Of course - his enemies - those whose power was taken -
opposed him. But he was in a position to continue.

After his death, however - every shred of evidence that
he'd lived and accomplished so much - was destroyed.
For thousands of years, it was simply - forgotten.

Oh, no.... Nefertiti was not just a Queen of Eqypt.
She contributed to civilization,
as men and women of vision always have done and do.
It's nice to know.

I'm always interested in fashion and design.
And I've loved to make costumes for costume parties,
finding inspiration in a book, "History of Fashion".

A few moments
In my life
Are truly precious.
Their glint and glow,
Refreshes, -
Though fleeting
As the sparkle seems
From some
So-distant star.
And yet,
Their source, as real,
As near as that, they are! -
And yet, As far.



1970-2009 - Created & copyrighted by Nellieanna H. Hay