Page Updated: March 27, 2006
by Nellieanna H. Hay
featuring Jerome Kern's
"All The Things You Are" ~
an amazing rendition
by Herb Alpert!

I was 13. Kept hearing this haunting tune on the radio.
Nobody seemed to know what it was.
But I was entranced.
Each time I heard it,
it seemed to be playing just for me.

It had to be - my song.

It seemed like - destiny.

Ir was played by a "Big Band" of the time -
always just instrumental when I caught its strains,
so I couldn't figure it out from the lyrics.
Till one day ~ I heard them being sung!

The lovely intro:

Time and again I've longed for adventure,
something to make my heart beat the faster.
What did I long for?
I never really knew.
Finding your love, I've found my adventure.
Touching your hand, my heart beats the faster.
All that I want. . .in all of this world is. . .you. . .

The haunting verse:

You are. . .
The promised breath of springtime. . .
That makes the lonely winter seem long.
You are. . .
The breathless hush of evening. . .
That lingers on the brink of a lovely song.

You are the angelglow
That lights a star.
The sweetest things I know
Are what you are.

Someday. . .
My happy arms will hold you. . .
And someday. . .
I'll know that moment divine. . .

When all the things you are. . .are mine!

My song. My destiny.


2004-06 - Created & Copyrighted by Nellieanna H. Hay