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A Salon ~
Where we shall dare to dream together!

My name is Nellieanna Hay.

to this place I like to keep less frantic.
Perhaps in these times of unrest,
it's the more valuable to have a safe haven,
a comfortable retreat ~ to come into.
If I can provide such a place, I'll be gratified.
And if, at the same time, it expands the horizons,
I'll be all the more gratified!

Quite some time ago, (September, 1997, to be exact!),
when I happened upon this place,
all empty, unfurnished, unclaimed,
just on impulse, I decided to try to see
what I could do with making a website here.
It was a wild and unfounded idea.
I knew NOTHING about it!

Sometimes, perhaps, unplanned paths may be the clearest,
though at the time,they may seem vague.
Anyway, it's been a pleasure.

I soon discovered I wanted to create a special place
to express and share my thoughts and creative efforts.
I wasn't (and still am not) much interested
either in insisting on or debating them.
I appreciate and respect differences,
and consider mine worthy of respect, as well.
Our differences can and should happily coexist!

And, like Frankie - I wanted to do it all My Way.
To do that, I needed to learn to create the site myself,
rather than relying on the ingenuity of others.
So it started simply, using only simple techniques.
I let it flow, learning enough to flow along with it.
It was a labor of love and a voyage of discovery!

Clearly, I wanted your visit to be as pleasant,
unique ~ and perhaps even ~ memorable ~
as my experience creating it was and still is.
These have been my guiding principles ever since
the beginnings of this personal website.

Many things have evolved here since that day!
My horizons expanded - I had so much to learn!
Now my site now includes so many pages
about many subjects and activities-
and also people, things, places and events~
much more than I ever dreamed of!

Friends, family,vistas, nature, ideas
...are all very much present in them,
as well as my own creative self-expression.

So - now that YOU're here, I'm delighted to welcome you!
Get ready to Njoy!
As you browse around my rooms and pages, please know -
you're important to me, whether we've met or not.
Then, before you go, please visit the Guest Registry.

As I did in those first timid times,
I often sit here at my computer in the early morning hours -
sometimes even seeing the sun arise before sleeping -
enjoying marathon nights during which
time seems to melt away,
immersing me in meeting people from many
almost-mystical-sounding places!
Together we explore ideas and make plans
like long-standing friends,
even though we've never met - perhaps, never will!
Then, again - I have met many of these wonderful folks!
I'm ever amazed that this is even possible!
And to think that one can be a part of it!

At other times, I work on creating the pages,
imagining YOU are viewing the results!

Swiftly now,
Blurring in a sea
Of distance ~
Evened out,
But for this ~ one oasis.


1:an elegant apartment or living room...
2:a fashionable assemblage of notables
(as literary figures, artists or statesmen)
held at the home of a prominant person...
3:a hall for exhibition of works of art...
4:a stylish business establishment or shop (a beauty ~)

So my Salon ... invites YOU in!

Long before the internet,
I'd thought of creating a salon,
in the spirit of renaissance - honoring ideas.
It is an essence - a camaraderie,
perhaps enhanced by distance, rather than limited by it.

Kinship of mind and spirit is always quite pleasant,
but lively differences also increase the fun
...and often produce surprises...
as does life!

The salon's purpose is a quest for truth and beauty.

According to my mother's notation,
the first clear word I spoke was pretty.
Perhaps the first clear word
impressed upon me was truth.

So perhaps here we may
examine the verities of our lives to see if they still are!

It may be only a small salon.
But I'd like to think it makes a difference,
like one small candle brings light upon dimness.

In this vacuum
Of space,
Screams out to life! -
It's all there is!




1970-2006 - Created & Copyrighted by Nellieanna H. Hay

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