Page updated: Feb. 18, 2005

The Top Drawer of the Jewel Box

For the "Crown Jewels"....
shimmering gems who've proven "true".
My jewel box holds majestic treasures!

Here are some of my most valued treasures!
Perhaps you know them too!
If you do, there's little need of explanation!

The longer I know these rare and beautiful people,
the dearer they become!

Jack - who was my online guru.
You know, that person who took a "newbie" under his wing
and helped me through my panic with quiet explanations
and - so much patience!

Evie - the keeper of my face!
My friend, on and offline -
my skin specialist.

Both, such special people, with special places in my heart!
Each has become a little like my "other kid".

When in the company of these next two beloved people,
there's an abiding kinship!
We've shared much fun, joy and laughter --
so much LIFE, really!
And - grown in trust and understanding.

To think of Vicki is to feel refreshed.
She's a dear person, ever concerned about
the feelings and well-being of others.
That's why everyone who knows her loves her!

Ron is a friend indeed!
Champion, confidante,
with enormous strength of character - and an equal sense of fun!
He's "head and shoulders" high in my book.
Those who persist to really know him,
will have surely won his respect, and he, theirs!

Wowwi is just plain fun! -
That's all that's plain about her, though!
She's glamourous!
And - the gal who knows how to get "the pot stirred up"

- and keeps it rolling!

Josie is an inspiration!
A truly beautiful lady - inside and out!
We've shared a lot in the time we've known each other here.
We all love you and we love your singing!
She is also featured on the Rings 'N Things page,
with some of her artwork.

These two sisters are among my favorite people.
Sharing good times in chat,
and meeting them at Branson in person...a treat!
Such a sense of fun!
We enjoyed meeting Cass's husband, Andy, at Branson, as well!

Our friend who recently passed away.
Peril (Jane), always elegant -

Every bit a lady, she seemed to have few limitations!
She was a fun and delightful friend -
one who has left an imprint on those
whose lives she touched.
Thank you, Jane - for being you.

Sept. 9, 1923 - March 14, 2004

What a sweetie Sandra is! Ever helpful and she gets things done!
Extremely well-done, too!

Here are Marigold and Sandra when Sandra spent some time
in the Pacific Northwest, near where Mari lives.

Marigold is a wonderful friend too! But - more about Mari in "Rare Finds".

This fine gentleman has become a real-life friend as well!
My George and I shared a delightful visit
with Darrel and Jayne in their beautiful home,
and they showed us many beauties of their Arizona!

They're such fun to be with!
Looking forward to the next visit!

Our sympathies for the loss of your beloved Jock.

Ccarol always brings a shot of pizzazz with her comments and jokes!
Really enjoyed meeting her in person at Branson too
- and later at her home in Arkansas!
Those were priceless times!

I can't mention Willy without remembering the hugging in Las Vegas!
And you're delightfully teasable, Willy.
Must be why you're so popular!

When someone is valuable,
And always "rings true",
That person is a treasure!

These truly are Crown Jewels!

Jewels-Rare Finds

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