Golden Topaz

Page updated: March 26, 2006


Did we suppose we knew this gem?

Did we assume it is always
that sparkling golden color?
Then, we supposed in error!

Because this exciting gem is found in nature
in so many more vibrant colors!
I am thrilled to learn this!

So here, we will see some of its
glimmering, shimmering colors,
which suit the brilliance of
the friends pictured among them!

Precious Topaz

Wendy! (Loroli) - From Australia!
She is truly a bright and shining jewel.

Her fun-loving wit is always refreshing,
and her depth of understanding is tremendous!

She has many interests, teaches computer,
enjoys an idyllic country-style life these days.

Mystic Fire Topaz

RedsMeds (Bernadette) is a rarity!
A calm, cool redhead!
And, like her nickname suggests,
she works in the medical field.

She's a staunch supporter of her
Minnesota Twins, as well as other sports
and a variety of other interests.
Thank you, Reds! - for being fun!

hexagon-cut Topaz

Darrell (DDB) with his lovely wife, Annie!
They live in Tennessee, where he
pursues a wide range of interests,
including reading (action!), cooking,
photography and the computer.

Rich Blue Topaz

CookieCutter, from Arkansas,
is so sparkly!
She has one of those gracious,
positive outlooks that "finds a way".
She sings (at church and also Bluegrass)
and enjoys her grandchildren,
loves animals and has many hobbies.

Hot Pink Topaz

Pretty hot pink topaz ~ suits our Laine!

She is holding her beloved Penny,
at Penny's last Christmas on Earth.
We truly empathize with that loss, Laine.


Precious Stones!

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Aqua-Blue Topaz
with Diamonds