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MUSIC: Hey There

Page updated: Feb. 18, 2005

Because...All Jewels are not Earth-bound...
Stars are jewels, too!

Friends ~
Jewels who glimmer
To light up one's way!

Stars and Star Sapphires!
Alive and vibrant....

Marian - A favorite person online!
And so is Al!

What a splendid couple!
They met online and their love just grew!
Now they're married and live in Vermont.
I took these pictures, however, here in Dallas -
before they were married!

I've enjoyed chatting with Sheila and meeting her, as well.
This is a lady who is genuinely interested in things!
Her talents include excellent cooking skills
plus - she's quite an accomplished artist!

Don - (Cajun_DJ) "fit in" immediately the first time
he came into our circle. He's a true southern gentleman,
and such fun! He started by sharing his music collection
and since has become a major chatroom presence.
We've had good times with Don and his wife, Gerry, at Branson!

Neka! - Nancy!
You have sung to us!
You've regaled us with funny stories!
You've amazed us with your knowledge.
And, of course, - with the "Boss" -
you began the chatroom which has become our own place!
Thank you, sweetie!

The Jewels are not just great to look at!
There is so much talent here!
Genie loves creating her garden!
And the care and effort show!
Good work!

Rogge livens up the chat!
We exchange words and phrases, as well as music!
So - we learn a little Norwegian! What fun!
In Norway, he likes to ski and skates with his boys
though he claims not to be excellent at it.
Ved Geiranger is a nearby a beautiful mountainous area,
as one can see from the photos.

Oohmyra or, "Ra", - as one of our mutual friends calls her,
is so much fun and she's bright as a penny!
She's brimming with enthusiasm and radiates warmth and fun!
She has a deep side, too - one of my favorite folks!

"Mad Malcolm" - from the UK -
has been a presence in chat for a long while.
His wit and humor are most refreshing.
It's with pleasure that I place him among the Star Sapphires!

Inner light, unquenchable
Glows and variegates
Free patterns
Upon the screen
Of life.

Jewel Garnets!

1970-2005 - Copyrighted by Nellieanna H. Hay