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The thrill of the richness of rubies is incomparable.

Whether they grace us as rare star rubies ~

~ or as brilliant cut precious stones
with transparent cellophane-like beauty ~
rubies are predominant among the jewels
of our treasure chest.

So let me introduce you~

Blanche is one of the sweetest people I know.
Shetruly cares about folks and lets them know it.

Little One was small in size,
but remarkably abundant in brilliance,
talent, and beautiful grace!
We still miss you, sweet lady.

Judy deserves a hand.

She loves to write imaginative illustrated stories
which include everyone ~ sooner or later.

Ron at his charming best!
But he's always at his best!

As we've become acquainted,
I've grown very fond of him and -
like others do - I rely on his honesty,
humor - and broad shoulders if needed!

He's an avid fisherman,
great gardener and a determined hockey fan!

We have Yvonne to thank for starting
the group posting photos!
She inspired everyone to contribute.
So, thank you, kind lady!

These two pretty gals have been good friends!
Together, they've brightened the groups.

Now we regret Valerie's passing.
You're much missed, sweet lady.
Every time I buy some sprays of flowers
to bring home and arrange for the den,
I'm thinking maybe it's your influence. . .

Carmel with her Kevin
celebrating Valentine's Day!
How appropriate!

Gooey (Diana) is simply sparkling,
as you can see, here with her Rookie (Roy).
He's a member of our group, too.
He's an engineer by profession.

She's a teacher - and obviously,
an excellent wife and partner!
She also keeps the group refreshed -
and bonded!

It's hard to believe Karen (Gatorgranny)
could possibly BE a granny!
That is, until you see how joyfully
she and Bill relate to the grands,
who were visiting from Wisconsin!
Florida must have been quite a treat!

Dear friend (Aftab) - Tab, sometimes Tabby ~
whose marvelous mixtures of wise and witty,
dignity and fun ~ make him a sparkling
international treasure for the Jewel Box!

She's just so cute!
What would we do without her
posts on the message board?
She keeps up such a stream of
funny ones!
You're so valuable, Linda!

Our own Dee Dee Moon, with her grandsons, Ken
and - in her arms - Sean.
Welcome to my Jewel Box!

Marlene is from Nova Scotia
where she's active in community life.
And she is as lively and interesting
as she looks!
As you can see - she is
a Red Hatter, too!

We are so pleased to have you join our group of friends!

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