Page updated: Feb. 18, 2005

RINGS connect!! RINGS glimmer.

Rings for the fingers! Rings for the heart!

How my heart SOARS!
To be aware of the "circle"
drawing us together.

Meet some astonishing mutual friends!
And thank you all for sharing yourselves here!

A sweet couple - Kara and Fin !
Their love is inspiring!

Lakeside is such fun, always peppy and positive,
lending her special touch to whatever is going on!

Vera is spicy!!
This lady can turn any situation into funtime!
She's truly a joy to know.

I haven't met Kathy, but perhaps - one of these days!
Welcome into the Jewel Box!
Capri is a delight - we go 'way back!

MikieJ is a friend to us all - of long standing.
Met him at one of the Branson Get-Togethers, too!

Duckie has magic!
She's talented, interesting, and fun.
Never a dull moment when she's involved!

These dear friends are among jewels who connect and glimmer!
SAW (Karol aka:"Karolclown") and SAM - (Richard)-
are just such people!!

The background music is Karol's theme song...

You see, she was once a professional clown,
among her many talents and accomplishments!
They're both truly talented, caring people!

Josie IS elegance personified!
Her love of roses fits her to this page so wonderfully!
She's an artist, both in painting and in crochet!

Don't yourevisiting friends?


Jewels & Filigree!

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