Page updated: Feb. 18, 2005

To seek, to find the RAREST gems!
The truest and best!

What thrill of treasures discovered!
What greater richness than that of good friends?

I welcome you...

On our sojourne together in friendship.

CherokeeStar and WorldWalker!

One recognizes kindred spirits almost immediately.
There seems to be understanding enough to bridge words' imperfections!
Janet and Clint are such folks!

I surely sound like a broken record, praising my friends.
I ponder that.
But how good it is to be aware of their good qualities!
Isn't it part of friendship to look for and find the good in our friends?
Beyond minor flaws, our over-all response is -- abundantly positive!

If I had to choose only one or two words to describe
my feeling about another person -
what would they be?

Ah!...For Marigold ~ How about ~ Fiesty! ...

Here's Mari with her family.
That handsome hunk on the left is her husband, Ron!
Then there is Christina, expecting a baby in March, 2000.
Next, of course, is Mari, then Cindi, then Ian.
What a great-looking family! You "did good", gal!

Where else one would find more interesting friends than these?
I feel truly rich!

Lorne (Thor) ~ Elegance!
Such a kind face...but also...dignified.

Iris (Shakeylady) ~ Bright!

What a truly good dispostion and positive attitude!
And talented~!

Sunny - Sunflower ~ Optimistic!!

Matilda ~ Glow!
She lights up the room!

Perceptive - describes Del (Nanny!)

Nanny's precious granddaughter, Elizabeth Rose...!

What an absolute angel!

Patrick from California ~ Energy!
At Branson, he was never still a minute!

Faith is the word for both Stew and Phyllis.

It was great to meet him, along with his lovely daughter, Erin.
We've shared good times in chat, haven't we?
Plus many good songs!

Greg (Fuzzy Puppy) ~ True-blue! Vera (Ginnypye) - Petite!
A truly charming couple!
And now officially a married couple!

At last the notes I sing
Ring answers in my key.
Home is where
The heart finds confort,
And that is home for me.



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