Page updated: May 26, 2006

The Very

Precious Stones

Connie - always witty and full of fun.
And she is such a pretty lady, too!

Cat of Irony (or IroniCat)
from California and
a truly priceless Jewel.
Articulate, interesting, classic,
a joy to know!

Barby is a friend of long-standing.
It's always good to rediscover someone,
especially when you've met in person!

MsJean (Barbara) and I go 'way back!
We've been friends online for years!
Met face to face 4 or 5 times!
Her creative skits are unsurpassed!
She's giving her talents to leading
her local "Red Hat Society", also.

Linda the Toots!
What a dynamic, talented lady!
And she is quite artistic
as you can see here,
as well as writing with skill.

Toosahn or Donsathome (Don), here with his pretty
granddaughters, Chelsea and Brittany,
AND the newest addition, AJ,
now a grown-up 10 months, walking and sporting his new sunglasses!

Don is one of those truly kind-hearted,
pleasant and delightfully funny people
who makes a person feel good
just knowing he's around.
And though he seldom steps into the spotlight,
he is a talented artist in his own right!


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