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To discover the opalescence
of a pearl of great price
... is most excellent...

These pearls of mine are beyond that,
and the memories each brings - priceless,
hauntingly precious!

To seek and find in oyster shells --
the priceless pearls of friendship and memory,
that - is the quest.

Shells, then - for remembrance . . .

Perhaps a smile or laugh we shared,
perhaps a tear or loss,
perhaps a whiff of fragrance,
perhaps on problems tossed.
Perhaps a moment out of time,
a season out of space
are some of what I'll be remembering...
each time I see your face.

BooBoo (Carol) - Her giggles, her courage...
But I most remember her as a peacemaker.

We met when she came to a chatroom as a newbie,
and I took her under my wing.
Since then, she's been a mentor to many other newbies,
and a friend to so many!

Now, she has passed on, August 13, 2005.
You're loved, hon.

I fondly recall Al's wonderful wit and great puns!
He lived in Ft. Worth until a lovely lady
from Vermont captured his heart!
Getting to meet them in person during a couple of
little get-togethers in Dallas was truly delightful!
It was not too long before their marriage
that we met him and Marian_Vt.
Such a great couple!

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I remember the wonderful "heart-to-heart" talks with Susie.
She in London, me in Dallas. - Incredible!

.... Ken's lovely English manners and sparkling wit
on every occasion of chatting with him!
Always hoped to meet him and his Dora!

How well I remember MsJean's graciousness over the years,
from the 1999 Las Vegas gathering
to her delightful roles in several Branson skits!
She's blossomed!

To see some of her talents, check out:
Branson, 2000 Memories!
Branson, 2002 Highlights!

I remember seeing pictures of Hummy (Mary)
from the Ohio Get Together in 1998.
Since then, the more I've known her,
the more I enjoy knowing her!

They're from B.C. Canada -
but they spend a lot of winter months in Mexico.
And there are many great memories of
Tootired2 (Sharon) and Ted
at several shared get-togethers!
Margaritas on the lawn, trips in the car!
Such dear hearts - gentle people!

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1999 - At our fist-ever real-life get-together with online friends!


I remember BobGuy championing his fellow-chatters.
His kindness, boundless,
as is his loyalty.
Always such a gentleman!

I remember Sheryl's ability to relate to others.
One can see a lovely spirit in her face.

We've lost this most special online friend, though,
just this June 7, 2005.
She was much beloved by so many, and is sorely missed.

Memories of Outlaw (Doug) are with admiration
for his creative talents and wide range of interests!
From music to sports, from scholastics to flying,
from art to U.S. Navy Air-Combat Control.
He's multi-talented
and a truly special person.

Most of all, I cherish his friendship
over many years online!
It's amazing how real an online friend can be.

There are hardly words to describe
the warm memories of Zel and her beloved family.
Here she is with her granddaughter, Holli...

Another of our dear friends who has gone on,
Zel's passing was May 2, 2005.
Such a dear friend, and another I've known for many years,
though we never had a chance to meet.

Here is Holli's darling little boy, Brent!
How precious!

For fond reverie and lovely memories ...
I thank you, dear friends...

Jewel-Golden Charms!

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