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Jewels Of The Night -

- Ambient with meaning -

Like friends whose very "presence"
calls forth music of the spheres....

Jewel-stars pulsing...
neon signs glimmering...
strobes and spotlights glowing...

Here is Greg at work.
He is DJ for various clubs.
Ambience reflected in the background here...
as he makes the magic of music of the night.

Greg's efforts haven't gone unnoticed! The papers have reviewed his work with much enthusiasm!

"Since being one of the headliners at AudioWorld 31 in October 1993, this Montrealer has taken Toronto by storm! His journeys included playing in London .... and around the UK! .... DJ Greg .... relocated to Toronto to continue sharing his unique style of hard, yet uplifting Trance. Greg's track selection and mixing wizardry will take you on a musical journey. Greg's new-found success in Toronto has led him to join the ranks of world class DJ's! .... He will be looking forward to playing more regularly in the U.S.A., Mexico and all over Europe. Greg is currently a resident at Toronto's Drop Zone, Limelight Nightclub, and a massive 50,000 sq ft Warehouse Nightclub! .... Greg has found that his experiences at free-parties .... and music festivals all over Europe and the UK have given him invaluable insight into his quest to create a special vibe for party-goers through his creative programming & mixing skills. These experiences in Europe have also inspired his involvement with a new promotion company in Toronto! .... Greg's future plans will focus on his passion for making the music the people want to hear. He will be going into the studio this year to start producing his own tracks. Until then, you can catch him playing (at various clubs), .... as well as other parties across the continent & overseas."

Dateline: July 27, 2001 - Greg has recently been to England for a most successful gig and many accolades from the British! Way to go, Greg!
As always - He's been excellent at what he does!

Ah !! LINDA ~~ poet!
She hosts a group of fellow-poets
and poetry-appreciators.
Good job, Linda!

Robin (Poet777) not only writes poetry,
but writes and sings the music
with jewel-like quality!
And hosts a group of poetry
and music-makers!


Uniquely knarled
And beautiful,
Ravaged by currents,
Tumbled by stone,
And - left to dry,

____nellieanna hay

Jewels Of Turquoise!

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