Page updated: Feb. 18, 2005

~ Mystical Jade ~

Wisdom.... Quiet fire ....

Jade touches upon the essence of what is vital ...

Ah - yes......each gem - uniquely special.

It is said that when one owns jade,
one's live essence infuses the gem.

So, to possess old to share
part of its past owner's essence.

As, to have friends...
is also to blend one's own essence
with theirs in some mystical way...

I value Vera's friendship.
And, though I haven't met Lyle,
I sense their love and joy in each other.
It shows in your faces!
And so, you are both appreciated...

Follow along....more cherished friends will be added...

This is old jade I have,
worn in its life in China
as a belt-buckle.
I wear it as a pendant.

When I look into its transluscence, I ponder....

From the time I met Gamer (Rich),
I sensed he is a good and gentle soul.
And over time, he has become
a dear and true friend,
of the calibre by which we trust.
You're treasured, Ricardo!

These jade beads, the white jade and the green, -
belonged to my beloved eldest sister, Harriet.
Her husband, Vic,
brought them home from China after the war.
How many earlier essences
must be infused into their spheres!

Twiggy (Jan) is such fun!
She and Dig (Doug) live in New Zealand.
And it's just amazing how aware they are
of things going on here,
perhaps more than many of our countrymen.
Her pictures and accounts of her own area
are incredibly wonderful too!

Anyway - thanks for being you!

Janet (Zazzle) dazzles!
She is involved in performing arts
these days ~ ever since her debut
in South Pacific as one of the nurses,
followed by a part in a three-act play,
cleaning a hospital room & stirring up dust!

Recently she performed at a Community Variety Show,
and is invited to participate at a regional level!

Perhaps one day, I can claim I knew you "when"!

Way to go, Janet!

I treasure Don's friendship.
We met online through my daughter-in-law, Lucy -
who met Don in the very early days of
internet, before it had really emerged
as a general daily part of people's lives.
Don has a wide range of interests and a
marvelous wry sense of humor.
It's a joy to know you, Don!

Jewels of Night!

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