Page updated: Feb. 18, 2005

Beautiful Simple Settings...
Golden Chains and Charms...

Bracelets and Pendants...
Gleaming, Sparkling... Birthstones...

Each Treasured Jewel -
Each Special Friend...Is...

Friendship Is Adornment!!

I was charmed when I received this great photo of
Chuckles and Dolphin (Doug and Cherryl)
in the mail all the way from Australia!
I instantly felt their kinship!

Hunce is one of those people
who's nice to know.

It's easy to see why Campi is well liked!
She has such warmth and good cheer!
She radiates vivacity!

Alaskan_Sourdough - such an interesting person!
I'm pleased to call Stu a friend!

World-traveler, writer, publisher, photographer, poet, and patriot!

My first experience of the whirlwind who is Goodgal
was when I was still pretty much a newbie.
That's been over seven years, my friend!
Like a bolt out of the blue,
she sent me an entire folder of wav music!
This Goodgal truly is good and truly amazing!
Pictured here in relative repose on her beloved east coast beach,
and the little insert - snapped while on a vacation!

Jewel - Rings & Things!

Could I have known
Such joy
In knowing you -
I would have
Known you

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