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Page updated: Feb. 18, 2005

Gems A-glow are these!

Radiating with a thousand candlepower!


Ah Yes!

Come share with me...

I enjoy getting to know her!
She's such a light-hearted person - but also deep!

Stars ~ Sheila - is vivid!

I count myself fortunate to have met her.
Her bright vivacity is positively infectious!
I don't have to tell you she is talented!
The sampling of her folk art here is proof!

And - for more - visit her own gallery of paintings.
I've included a link below among my links.
Plan to spend some delightful time there!

Click to visit Star's page!

Speaking of talented!!

Dave-from-Down-Under is quite a photographer,
as you can see!
And what an eye for a picture!

And now - how sweet it is!

Our Dave and his Helen tied the knot
in January of the new millennium!
I'm pleased to add their joyous picture to the Jewels!
I'm sure they both would agree to that description!

I just recently met spiritrider in chat.
I am so pleased he sent me a picture
with his lovely bride of many years --
it's quite obvious they are good years!
May there be many more!

If you have chatted with Mae from Florida,
you know what a sparkly lady she is!
We've had such fun in the chatrooms we've frequented!
It will be a treat to meet her one of these days!


Jewel Emerald Cut!

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