Page update: Feb. 18, 2005

My Friends ~ My Sparkling Jewels!

Each is one of my online treasures!

~ TO YOU ~
I hope you've come to share -
- even to stare at and admire my jewels!

This was the original occasion which inspired the Jewel Box collection!

Capri & Jim were to be in Dallas,
so she extended an invitation and gathered
a few of us in the area to join them for breakfast
at their hotel as they were passing through Dallas that June day!
Up till then, I was learning and my pages were merely self-expression!
Now it is my pleasure to also express my affection in this way
for wonderful friends I meet online! Thank you all!

Please enjoy meeting them too -
right here in my Jewel Box!

On this summer morn in 1999, we shared happy moments!

Joan (Capri), Affire, Joan's Jim, my George. . .

Joan & Affire. . .

George, Nellita, Joan & Affire. . .

Nellita & Joan. . .

That very evening - what fun is was to visit online in the chatroom
after having met in person earlier!
It was a little longer before I saw Capri,
because they went on to Oklahoma after our breakfast together.
But it really does "change things" when you meet online
after meeting in person!

Joan arranges many gatherings
-from beach picnics in her Florida area
to get-togethers in various American cities, as well as abroad!

...a small Florida gathering of some very dear people...

Joan, Nana & Charlie, Vy & Sarg, Sonny & Kaye (Roses)
A word of remembrance for Sonny and Sarg -
both gone on to the other side.

Since the time of these moments, I've met many online friends -
some - several times.
Many of these delightful occasions are featured in my website,
Where there are countless photos of people you might know - in those pages.

Future get-togethers are being planned all along, as well!


Top Drawer Crown Jewels!

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