MUSIC: The Keeper Of The Stars
Page updated: Feb. 18, 2005

Glamourous Garnets!
Warmth of the heart
Like a soft caress.

Ah! Warmth of friendship! - Knowing
That it never misses the beat,
Kisses ones' heart with tenderness
However far distance or in time,
Yet - its inner fire....keeps ever glowing.

Wanda!! My friend!
I truly have enjoyed getting to know you!
We have many dear mutual friends and concerns
and I think you're a most special person!...(Nellie).

I haven't known SweetThing (Julie) quite as long,
but she certainly is a delightful person!
Here she is with her son, Eric.

Here is LuvLuv (Barb)
"close" to a beloved area in her native Wisconsin.
She loves to canoe and just "be" in this place.

My fine young friend from the U.K.
Here, with an attractive young woman.
We've known each other online for about five years,
when he was in his mid-teens.
His nickname has evolved from "Norkle" to "smilie" in that time.
He tells me it's because of his perpetual serious expression.

It's just great to have Planck visit the Jewel Box -
all the way from Scotland!
Of course, "Blue" is also a welcome addition!
Blue is also in the second Chatter Pets page!
(See Directory)
Thank you, Planck, for all the helpful things you do!

I enjoy JanNet's visits when we are both in a chatroom.
She's interesting and lots of fun, too!

Her pets are also in the Chatter Pets pages!

Beauty is
A state of mind.
The world
Is beautiful!



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