Page updated: April 5, 2006

My friends are glowing treasures!

~Like rich adornments!~

But so much more than that!
They glow and glimmer like beacons.

I welcome you once more to share with me...

Sonny and Kaye (chat name, Roses).
A most special loving couple.
He is no longer living,
but his fond memory abides in the hearts of many friends.

Met Kat at the 1st Annual Branson Get-Together in Sept., 1999.
A pretty, special sweet lady much appreciated by many friends!

Sadly, I have just learned of her passing on April 1, 2006.
She will be missed greatly.

And thank you, Lucie (Jauslady), for letting me know.

What a lovely person Lucie is, inside and out!
The photo was taken in Switzerland on a visit to her daughter.
This is her own home, originally!
Isn't it gorgeous?

LazyDaisy (Daphina) is one sweet lady!
We've shared many a get-together
and I value her tremendously!

Thomas has been a dear and faithful online friend
for a number of years.
He's a dear person and a terrific Dad to three sweet children!

Haven't met this lady in person, but I'd like to!
There's such a twinkle in SallyMae's eye!

Eric (Chaosium). with his wit, is a bright addition to chat!
The little boy pictured behind him here is his son.

A frequent traveler, Capri often visits chat buddies.

What "fun shots"!
Don't they all look like they're having a great time?
Of course!


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