Page updated: Feb. 18, 2005

My Jewel Box's
Emerald Cuts

Yes - a most precious gem-cut,
whichever the stone!

As are my dear friends - a cut above!

Come meet some of them.....

It's been my pleasure to get to know
the best folks on the planet through chatting!!

For example - Yogibear - from the Emerald Isle!
So good to have met you!
I've seen some of your own pictures
posted in the Friends Forever Albums -
lovely family and charming home.

Dear Catfid (Stella)!
Getting to know this lovely lady was a privilege.
It is with a great sense of loss
at her parting the earth -
leaving hearts the fuller for knowing her.

How many wonderful one-on-one chats we've shared!
And we've shared more than one get-together,
plus many chatroom sessions.
This is a lady who has both my affection and my respect!

She is beautiful, through and through,
with a fascinating background
and a special talent...
She's been a professional ballerina in Europe.

and...most importantly, she has a big heart and much wisdom!

Jimmm is dear friend - a southwesterner -
could you guess? - He's also a building contractor.
We've shared light-hearted chats over a number of years.

Sarg (Frank) and Vy -
Love personified.
What memories he's left behind
after living such a meaningful life.
We miss you, Frank.
This world's the better for your having been here.

Dalamar (Chris), originally from Norway,
now in North Carolina!
His gentlemanly friendliness endeared him to us.

His Viking afinity with the sea is evident, too.

But there's more! He's a gourmet chef, a poet,
and he fearlessly tends to an incredible menagerie
of both wild and domestic animals!
He likes working with the animals so much
that he has decided to make it a career.
He's employed by his State to do just that!

Check my Chatter Pets page 4 for more details!


Jewel Jade!

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