MUSIC: But Beautiful
Page updated: Feb. 18, 2005


They sparkle in adamantine splendor
with lovely tear-drop cut.
Pure excellence!!

This delightful couple from Switzerland
(jointly nicknamed "Anru")
have captured our hearts completely!!

They've attended several chat get-togethers in the USA
and online friends have visited them over there. as well.

We were favored with a lovely visit ourselves in October, 2000.
They scheduled their sight-seeing to include the visit.
They stayed at a condo overlooking a lovely lake nearby.
Ania prepared a scrumptuous meal for us -
but the visit was the treasure!

Ania (pronounced On-ya) is a most talented artist!
Some of her handiwork is pictured in this lovely arrangement
of knitted items!
Aren't they simply breathtaking?

Rudi's hobby is an "old Rolls-Royce"
and he belongs to the RR & Bentley's Enthusiasts Club.
That interest frequently brings them together with the club
in such glamourous settings as this!

One of Ania's hobbies is photography -
She's made a video travelogue of one of their motor trips
to England by with a Rolls cavalcade!
I fully expected to see some of the car owners
literally spit-polishing theirs at the end of a day's travel!

Our darling Ania suffered a very serious health problem
But I'm happy to say - she's recovering beyond all expectations
and they are traveling and enjoying once again.

And they are joyously fun-loving folks. Here they are on an outing!
My feeling is that Ania's sparkles light up anywhere she is!!

Ania and Rudi, sharing a candlelit tete-a-tete and dinner.
They are a delightful couple!

You have captured
My imagination
Like a ray of sunshine
Captures playful
Dust particles
In the air,
And holds them there,
Suspended in
For an...Eternal Moment...



Jewel Amethysts!

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