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Treasured Gems in Crystalline Form

Special Friends Whose Sparkles Radiate ~~

There are folks one simply enjoys knowing.
They are like pure crystals of precious gem-stones,
needing no sculpting into shape.
They are formed by nature to be true.
Their qualities of gentleness and genuineness
simply say."Here I am! - A friend!"
No need to possess such people to enjoy them.
No ~ simply to behold them is enough!

Here are some of them!

This is someone I've known and liked
since a month or so after I began on the internet,
in early 1997, over seven and a half years ago,
when I met him in one of the "comic" chatrooms!
Those were cartoons, like comic-strips,
and each person had a cartoon character avatar
which would show emotions and expressions to fit
the conversation! What fun!

Then met him and his family when George and I
had the pleasure of visiting with them where they live
in New Orleans, that same fall,
as we were driving to Florida.
They took us out for good N'awlins cuisine.
Then this picture of him, taken here at our home
when he stopped by to visit
while on a business trip to Dallas.

Always a pleasure to see you, my friend Kirk (kdov)!

Cherry (aka:Patti) is fun and vibrant
- and always concerned about others!
She's always full of surprises........pleasant ones!
Who knows what the next ones will be!

Bill never fails to astound me!
Articulate! Knowledgeable!
Plus - He rides a good-looking bike!
Most importantly, he has a bigggggggg heart!
By-the-way - LA is Louisiana, not Los Angele!

Nick is a favorite!
He's one of those people
who brings in the sunshine when he's present
and is missed when he's not!

Your friend is
Your needs answered.

_____Kahlil Gibran_

Star Sapphires!

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