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Citrine - reminiscent of citrus,
from which came its name.
Perhpas a twist or a squeeze?

How like thick, fragrant English leather
and hard worsted tweed,
- ready for a hike or a climb -
even a stalk through the woods
in that magic of early morning light.
Unless it's in its mellow mood,
when more akin to fireplaces
and fresh ripe persimmons.

What joy - to just observe it shimmer
among its tones from warm to crisp.

This gem is of the quartz crystal family,
being found in its natural crystalline state
in long, clean, chiseled-looking,
waxy-translucent form
or in chunky crystals en masse.

It is fresh, outdoorsy.
A gem to wear morning and afternoon -
being at home with natural light filtering
through its smooth sides
and bouncing off its many facets.
I think this gem delights in ocean spray or
in cruising along a mountain road in search
of the POSSIBLE dream!

My dear friend Meme (Vicki)
with her equally unique
yellow VW bug - named "Sunshine"

Vicki and Sunshine simply BELONG
in this jewel collection!
Symbolizing the freshness and fun!
She can make the clouds disappear!

What a great face.
An incredibly photogenic, interesting face!
Peter (pfox).
It's that your expression captures
the qualities highlighted here.
Rugged - but something more. . .
majestic, deep and perceptive.

Moggy (Gypsy) is from Australia.
Fascinating gal!
Loves being near the water and mountains.
Finds humor in out-of-the-way things -
perhaps due to her interest in theater arts.
Enjoys the out-of-doors and exotic animals!

Fearless leader - Ronsconn (Ron)!
You can count on him him to be rational
and reasonable.
"Strong Character" personified!

Rabbit (Bob) from Pennsylvania.
Loves photography. . . I looked at your site.
You're GOOD!
He's newly RVing, doing some traveling.
Dog lover, and volunteers his time at Elderhostel.

Brenda (Sweetybre) has a handsome son.
I sense warmth and love of family.
I hope your dream of finding it once more
comes true in vivid colors!

Bill, Bill, Bill.
He loves to travel.
This picture was taken at Tahoe, in fact.
He's also into sports, especially golf.
Of course, he's our lovable rascal, too!

It's obvious that Freespirit (Donna)
loves the great outdoors.
Kayaking is a passion, as well as camping.
Is that a two-seater?

Buffler (John) is truly western.
From Oklahoma!
Here, he's dressed for his daughter's wedding!

Our Ian_Mac - from merry England!
Oh - he's our loveable curmudgeon
but we know he has a heart as big as a house
and it's made of pure gold!
His good natured warmth shines through here!
Never change, Ian!
We love you just the way you are!

Precious Stones.


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