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Cameos - artistry in fine-tuned form. . .
gracious, glowing, warm . . .
The essence of gentility,
appreciation of heritage.

And yet - vibrating with life and a spirit
of endless, timeless delight!

Dear sweet HERMA, from the Netherlands!
She's such a warm, friendly presence.
Thank you for being you!

I so admire DARLENE's young-at-heart attitude!
She keeps it by going to karaoke sessions,
and by soaking in the beauties of nature ~
the dawn and the sunset, and everything
in between!


He doesn't divulge much
about himself.
So would it be fair to say that
this picture may be worth
many unspoken words about him?

Cameo Couples. . .
And couples in real-life.

Meet BEVERLY and BERT, from Hawaii.
They like to dance and swim.
Bev believes in laughter and learning -
but not necessarily in that order!

A charming lady - GIPSY (Pauline)
and her handsome English husband.
Gipsy enjoys dancing and good humor,
and especially, being involved.
I notice that she fine-tunes and refines things,
adding her own touch of genuine class to them.

Beautiful GATORGRANNY (KAREN) and her BILL.
Originally from Wisconsin -
Now in Florida soaking up sunshine,
by way of North Carolina.
She is so multi-faceted, it's hard to
cover it all!
Besides a very busy family life,
she is writing a cookbook,
staying fit and active.

BADGERS (STAN) and his pretty lady.
He lives adventurously!
Ready to try new things -
at present, the computer is one of them.
Good for you, Stan!

We are, of course, - NELLIEANNA and
my wonderful guy, GEORGE!
We enjoy life more than may be legal!
For example - we built a substantial cabin
at the ranch, just the two of us!
And our marriage survived it!


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