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Its mysteries of the deep,
enigmatically buried in crystal-clarity.
This gem of crisp coolness,
and moist-locked sparkle,
speaks of miracles of life itself,
mirrored in the raw crystal itself.

whose face reflects his inner grace and kindness. . .
loving husband and full-time caregiver.
Welcome aboard in our midst!
What a pleasure to also "meet" your
beloved sweetheart on the occasion
when you became engaged ~
Easter of 1962. . .
Such tender, abiding love ~
Such a beautiful love~story!

Here is MaryAnn now, with their pretty
granddaughter, Kirsten.
MaryAnn's sweet smile is as lovely
as it was in 1962!
Kirsten seems to have inherited it, too!

Adam - of the interesting travels.
He is an afficiando of Brazil,
speaks fluent Portugese.
We only catch him between projects
in our midst!
But it's a pleasure when we do.

These special folks - Belinda and Keith -
are in Australia and they share a fascinating story!
They met online in Keith's extensive group,
and they married in a beautiful multiple ceremony
with several other couples who met in the group!

In addition to his peer group,
Keith created a site featuring wonderful music
from many eras and in many styles,
and Belinda is now the webmaster.

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