MUSIC: Deep Purple
Page updated: August 23, 2006


Tenderly regal, silently eloquent.

They softly glow ~
shimmering with quiet light from within!

So like my friends here!

Richly elegant.


Jeff - a dear and interesting online friend
and his beloved wife, Karen!
He's visited the chatrooms from time to time.
I haven't had the pleasure of meeting Karen,
but have heard his frequent praises of her!
What a joy to know such happily matched folks!

They live in the "Deep South" but travel, too.
Obviously, they appreciate things Scottish!
Here, she's wearing a traditional Scottish lady's ensemble,
a tartan plaid kilted skirt with a white blouse
under a dark velvet vest...Most attractive!

Here's a special jewel... celebration of a loving couple!


Ryan is a ranch neighbor,
as well as a friend to us,
in real life and online.
He doesn't live full-time at the ranch, but in Houston.
Snapped this picture right here in the "office",
during a visit with us.

On a more recent visit, en route to a business appointment in Oklahoma,
he stopped for a "pause that refreshes" before heading on.
Here he is in our den.


Jewel Gems Aglow!

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