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Over the years, I have written a lot of poetry
on various,myriads of thoughts, observatons - and experiences.

It has been like suddenly coming across
a breathtakingly beautiful pattern formed by the ice
in a puddle on the lane on the way to the mailbox,
or beholding a full moon that seems so near
one could almost reach out and touch it.

When hearing messages whispering among wind-blown trees
over the way on the side of the hill,
they almost touch upon what life is "all about".

Always, words flowed expressing my impressions
so naturally, there seemed no other way to do it,
not considering or needing a purpose beyond that.

I shared some of these "tracks" upon my soul
with a few close friends over the years.
It's "close to the bone", you see,
and there'ss nothing glib about baring
of one's deepest feelings and soul.

Even so, although the theme of LOVE
is paramount in many of my poems,
they've been least shared.

So, right now - right here -
and in the spirit of that theme,
I must choose simplicity,
because these are simple poems
about the greatest of human experiences.

In that spirit, I bring a few of my poems to you now,
so I can wish you and yours -
an abundance of

Love is
The sustenance of angels
And if we mortals
Thrive on it
A little bit,
We're more divine
Than we supposed.


The robin
Knows as much as I
And more.
I know not how to fly
I would fly to you!


I can't forget
The soul we shared
And dared
To blend.
To end
Our isolation.


If a rainbow
Touched this gray existence,
If this voice became
A symphony,
If everything
Were as it should be,
It would be
As you are, to me.


Soul's Troth Song

Had I never known you,
I would still have known you.
As the dammed-up river
Knows the ocean,
As a barren mother
Knows her child,
As the winter's robin
Knows the tropics,
I would still have known you.
And _ I do!


Soul Mates

There will be
No new encounters
For us.
For if we chance
To meet again,
We'll touch,
And then -
Our hearts will beat again,
As souls repeat again
Our recognition.
Time will cease,
As universe
Complete, -


When filling your own needs
Also fills mine,
And when filling my needs
Also fills yours,
Then that is reciprocal,
Unconditional - Love.

And if
You like YOU better now,
Then ~ I have loved you well.


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