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Page updated: March 11, 2010

HE and SHE!
George and Nellieanna ~
our wedding December 28, 1985.

Of course - now you may know that he's gone.
There is an enormous empty place where he was.
Perhaps I'm even closer to both of our families,
even those I hadn't gotten to know well before.

Time moves on! And so did we!

We were out with friends in 2007 -

That Christmas was George's last one with his son and family -

During 2008, he grew less healthy, but his bright aura pervaded -

Since then, after Sept. 5, 2008, I've coped and tried to maintain his glow.
It's the least I can do - bringing his spirit to his loved ones.
This was during the 2009 holiday season.

So here are some of "ours"~


We've both loved 'em & love them still-!
They've been the apples of our eyes through their blossoming
and changes and throughout our living our lives among them!

This page is for our progeny
and to reminisce their stages and ages.

Since making the page several years ago,
many changes and additions have occurred!
With growing youngsters and shifts in families, it's inevitable!
The page has been updated several times, but it's never enough
to keep up with the chanages in all our lives.
Even so, now, in early 2010
I'm attempting once again to bring it more up-to-date!

Here is George's eldest son, George, Jr. & his family
several yeats ago.

(top) Carrie, Alison, Rance (Logan's Dad)
(front) Lucy, George Jr., holding Logan

George's granddaughters, Carrie and Alison - now

And here is their mom, Penny, doing one of her favorite crafts:

Here she is with her one and only grandson Logan, helping him
make the candied sweet potato dish for our Christmas dinner!

Alison with Logan Christmas, 2009:

And some nine years ago . . .

Carrie proudly held her young nephew, Logan,
born on Labor Day, 2000.

They've always been great buddies, Logo and Kiki!

They all love to kid around!

Logan is the first grandchild and the first great-grandchild
on both sides! And - Such a boy!

He's always been cute!
Now he's become quite an althete and sports fan!
He's the pitcher on his team, too!

Yes - updates certainly are in order!

George Jr. carving the Christmas turkey, 2009, at Alison's, since she'd
taken on the Christmas dinner at her home - with help - she explained.

Sisters! Carrie and Alison sharing a moment, 2009!

This is George's son, Michael,
who lives in Colorado,
on the occasion of a recent delightful visit!

My daughter, Dyane ~~

An outdoor girl

A glamour girl, too

Now her daughters are growing up & she's going to
many weddings and birthings of her own grandchildren!

Dyane's eldest, my Carla - in 2009.

.. and as a youngster ~

Carla always glows with her pretty red hair, blue eyes and fair skin!

I designed and made the blue dresses for her and her Barbie- Christmas, 1987.

As a baby, wearing a dress her Granny Annie, who's beaming,
made for her!

I loved sewing for my girls!

Now Carla's the mom of two lovely children of her own,
my precious great-grandchildren,
Bryana & Aaron - here with their father, Bruce.

She and the children have visited me several times.

Aaron and Bryana - and they've grown!

They're still growing!
At ages 10 & 9!
They are as bright and sweet as they are pretty!

Granny Annie, Aaron, Carla, Bryana & George -
during a March, 2006 visit here in Dallas!

Much more recently - they visited several times,
this was during their 2009 spring break:

This was during that trip. Carla was claiming her laptop
while Aaron waited for it. Note his shoes.
He was 13. So were his shoes' size.

Also note the painting on the wall which he made for me!

Their Granny Annie loves them!
Carla . . . We've had such lovely visits!
Love you, sweet girl!

So now they're 14 and 13. Here ae their recent school pix:

As you see, he's quite an althlete.

Carla's sister Kasey, my friend and a woman in her own right!
At 6, I suggested she could color her world in bright colors!
She's always a quick study - so she applied it!

Now she loves being Auntie for her niece and nephews.
She's always teaching them new things to try.
She's quite talented and is achieving her education on & offline while
she works it in with accompanying her husband on cross-country jaunts.

She's in a dress I designed and made for her here.

She was bubbly at 11!

Carla spent the summer here with us and kept me company while
I designed and made the dresses for my three girls for the occasion
of Dyane's quaint wedding which was set in a restored frontier village,
Spring Mill, Indiana in 1988.

More changes followed . . .
Dyane's three younger children:

Baby Savannah with Sabrina and Jasmine.
"Vanna" is younger than her nephew and niece!

Sabrina, age 12, 2000_

_and at 21, 2009.

Jasmine, at age 8, 2000 _

_and will be 17, 2009.

Savannah, at age 1, 2000_

_and at 10, 2009.

Sabrina is now the mom of two precious little boys,
making Dyane a grandmother of 4 and bringing my
great-grandchildren count to five!

Skylar is 3 now.

Chance is 1.


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