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Welcome to come browse through my Guestbook!
YOU are treasured! Hope you enjoy your visit of my pages!
- Please come back often! - Nellita

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jimmm - 12/19/00 12:34:04
My Email:jdashton@cybertrails.com
Location on the Planet: az
Fondest Goal or Fantasy: sorry,,this is a g rated site! lol
Most Treasured Quiet Time: fly fishing
Hi!,,had not seen you on in a while,,hope all is well and the holidays treat you good.Dont mistake Santa for a chicken hawk and rock salt him!! Seasons greetings!! Jim and Dawn

Richard - 12/19/00 04:25:35
My Email:mezarm@hotmail.com
Location on the Planet: S. Calif.
BirthDAY &/or Favorite Color(s): 12/24/55
Hero(s) &/or Admired Personal Trait(s): My Mom
Best Activity(s): Hiking
Fondest Goal or Fantasy: Hiking Nude...lol
Most Treasured Quiet Time: 10 pm
Nell, your spirit and creativity are truly captured in your pages. Keep up the wonderful work here. You brought a smile to my face and to many others as well.

Sorrel/Rebecca - 12/19/00 03:56:52
My Email:redhawk007@msn.com
My dear Nellie - I decided to take the time today, 12/18/00, to really study your pages. I must say......WOW - such a wonderful job and an incredible collection of your friends, self and life. It is wonderful and I am grateful for your devotion to it. eep them coming, it is wonderful my dear Nell.... Hugs and loves - Rebecca........

Clinton "WorldWalker" - 11/28/00 19:08:42
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/PicketFence/7333/Sayings.html
My Email:clintlee@kiva.net
Location on the Planet: Southern Indiana
BirthDAY &/or Favorite Color(s): December 27 & Blue
Hero(s) &/or Admired Personal Trait(s): Stephen Hawking et al And The Truth "MAAT"
Best Activity(s): Walking, Snow Skiing
Fondest Goal or Fantasy: To Live My Life In Such A Way That Someone Would Think Putting "Above All He Was A Humanatarian" On My Gravestone Would Be A Good Idea.
Most Treasured Quiet Time: There Are Several Of Course! When Janet And I Are Together Because We Want To Be! We Have Recently Spent Several Different Weekends At The French Lick Springs Hotel. When I Am Alone And Thinking And I Can Even Do That In A Crowd.
Dearest Nellieanna, Thank (((((YOU))))) for your visit and your kind words. I have visited George's Page before and now there is a new addition, I am sure he is very proud! I know you and probably a few others, would like to remind me that I have been ore than distant for some time now, but you will not. : ) It is all in a "Lock Box", (do not read anything into that, I am pulling for George W.), I know where the key is and will retrieve it at some point! Thank You ALL for being patient! Have A Supe Great Time at the ranch, especially during Christmas. I Wish You Well, I Wish You Love! Regards To George And to Your Entire Family! Clinton "WorldWalker"

SAW - 11/24/00 12:05:13
My Email:SAMnSAW@msn.com
Location on the Planet: on the road again!!!
BirthDAY &/or Favorite Color(s): blue
Hero(s) &/or Admired Personal Trait(s): Reilka
Best Activity(s): talking with my friend, Nell
Fondest Goal or Fantasy: getting moved
Most Treasured Quiet Time: being finished getting moved!
Thanks for sending me the pic....he is a sweetie!!! What a cuddly bundle of joy for all of you!!! AND>>>next year's Christmas is gonna be so much fun!!! njoy (now I wonder where I would have gotten that from? lol) Anyway, let George know the baby is ell admired..and he has managed to pass along those genes again...a major important piece of life!!!Talk with you when we return OR once settled in Laughlin!!! But, if all else fails, our addy there is 2243 Pebble Creek, Laughlin, Nv 89029. Keep in touc !!!!

Sunflower - 11/19/00 05:55:09
My Email:sunflower42002
Location on the Planet: Brisbane, Australia
BirthDAY &/or Favorite Color(s): March 1...Blue
Hero(s) &/or Admired Personal Trait(s): The Dalai Lama.Intergrity-loyalty-kindness
Best Activity(s): Dancing, Reading & Chatting when I get the chance
Fondest Goal or Fantasy: To be thin again..lol
Most Treasured Quiet Time: all alone near the ocean, early morning or early evening
Dear Nelitta, I can only echo the sentiments of all your other friends and to say thank you for a wonderful site. That you are talented is quite obvious, as is your sensitivity and sweetness of spirit. Thank goodness for people like you in this world. ugs Sunny.

Nellieanna - 11/12/00 17:13:20
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/nellita_98
My Email:nellieanna@msn.com
Location on the Planet: Dallas
BirthDAY &/or Favorite Color(s): Feb 2 - green, ivory, yellow, coral
Hero(s) &/or Admired Personal Trait(s): Integrity, authenticity, kindness
Best Activity(s): writing
Fondest Goal or Fantasy: living every moment fully
Most Treasured Quiet Time: upon first awakening
Writing to be sure the newly initialized guestregistry is operative. Seems so! Hello to my friends!

Miss Ellie - 10/28/00 17:07:56
My Email:ersdg@aol.com
Area on the Planet: Toronto, Can.
Birthday & Favorite Color: 12-11-52
Best Activity: Walking/Gardening.
All-Time Hero &/or Most Admired Personal Qualities: Honesty/
Most Treasured Quiet Time: Reading.
Fondest Goal or Fantasy: Complete the Boston Marathon

Received this site from YogiBear, my Brother-in-law, will spend some time later going through all the info. So far looks fab.........

Lakeside - 10/28/00 01:24:32

WOW!...sigh..I saw it all! 1 1/2 hours well spent. Thank you..... Time so well spent...sigh. Have a happy trip, Nellie.....take care of yourself and your George. Huggers with love the Lakeside

Lakeside - 10/25/00 04:38:21

Just got wound up in here for another hour....and still haven't seen every thing.. Had a nice visit....again......... Audrey

jimmm - 10/23/00 23:40:45
Area on the Planet: arizona
Birthday & Favorite Color: today!! 10/23....bald,,like my hair
Best Activity: fishing,,,and i ain't no "bait dunker" neither,,,fly only
All-Time Hero &/or Most Admired Personal Qualities: jon eve teurio,,,canuck fighter,,
Most Treasured Quiet Time: studying trout and elk
Fondest Goal or Fantasy: sorry this is a family web sight right?


Mara DeRose - 10/22/00 20:45:12
My Email:singer000@hotmail.com
Area on the Planet: lavender/Green

Dear Nellieanna: I wanted to check out the new pictures of your trip to Branson...so here I am again. I wish you much success with your webpages. You certainly are a talented lady. thanks for your friendship and your creative adventures. Hugs as alwa s Mara

Ove Sandberg - 10/21/00 19:39:59
My Email:o.sandberg@telia.com
Area on the Planet: sweden
Birthday & Favorite Color: green 20 of august
Best Activity: Marathon
All-Time Hero &/or Most Admired Personal Qualities: Che Guevarra

It vas great to see your web site Nell And i hope you know who i am , if not ask in the room

yogibear - 10/20/00 20:36:23
My Email:yannic@ireland. com
Area on the Planet: ireland
Birthday & Favorite Color: 24/11/49...green
All-Time Hero &/or Most Admired Personal Qualities: Gandi
Most Treasured Quiet Time: reading
Fondest Goal or Fantasy: walk on the moon

been all over your site..took me awhile but it was worth it...never saw a nicer site could feel the friendlyness....keep ti up yogibear

Wowwi - 10/16/00 23:42:13
My Email:bounds@msn.com
Area on the Planet: Philadelphia
Birthday & Favorite Color: 9/11 - Lots
Best Activity: Having Fun
All-Time Hero &/or Most Admired Personal Qualities: Honesty, Loyalty
Most Treasured Quiet Time: Reading
Fondest Goal or Fantasy: shhhhhhhhhhhhh

Loved the Branson 2000 pics....brought back many wonderful memories...sorry I missed it....you do a fabulous job....big hugs to you and George!

Karol and Richard - 10/15/00 17:38:36
My Email:SAMnSAW@msn.com
Area on the Planet: Kansas
Birthday & Favorite Color: yes and yes
Best Activity: hummmm
All-Time Hero &/or Most Admired Personal Qualities: Karol / Strength and Courage
Most Treasured Quiet Time: sunrise or sunset
Fondest Goal or Fantasy: A peaceful moment

Hey Nellita, We truely enjoyed the sharing thru pictures and words your moments shared with Ania and Rudy. They are such nice and interesting people. A lovely place and TWO very lovely couples. Thank you for your efforts and your desire to share. as always, Richard and Karol

Jeff Nutter - 10/15/00 15:51:25
My Email:jeff_karen_nutter@msn.com
Area on the Planet: Vestavia Hill, Alabama
Birthday & Favorite Color: January 1, 1938 and loving every minute,,,Colors of the fall, yellow and gold and green
Best Activity: Being with family and friends
All-Time Hero &/or Most Admired Personal Qualities: President Reagan
Most Treasured Quiet Time: The early am before the world wakes
Fondest Goal or Fantasy: To give back more than God in his infinite wisdom, has "loaned" me for my time here!

So enjoyed your newest addition and your visit with your friends from Switzerland. It so reminded me of a trip to London and Karen's dad saying you cannot visit London without having "high tea". The Chelsea Hotel, white table cloth, napkins, all the goo ies on a many tier(ed) tray. Words are not sufficent, as was your visit to your friends from Switzerland. I know you enjoyed making those memories, and it is the making of those precious memories we must treasure. jeff and karen

Clinton "WorldWalker" - 10/15/00 15:06:19
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/PicketFence/7333/Sayings.html
My Email:clintlee@kiva.net
Area on the Planet: Southern Indiana
Birthday & Favorite Color: December 27 & Blue
Best Activity: Walking, Snow Skiing, Genealogy, Fast Draw
All-Time Hero &/or Most Admired Personal Qualities: Stephen Hawking - People That Tell The Truth!
Most Treasured Quiet Time: Visiting With Nellieanna, George, Ania And Rudi In A Condo, Over The Water, At Dusk!
Fondest Goal or Fantasy: That someone would think it would be a good idea to put on my tombstone, "Above All, He was A Humanitarian!'

Dear Nellieanna, What a wonderful visit I have had with you, George, Ania and Rudi this morning! I could taste the wine, chocolate and biscuits! I met Ania and Rudi in Nashville, TN last year and have wanted to see them again; this wonderful visit will do until I can make that happen again! Thank you for all the wonderful work you do on your Pages that allows those that are unable to make some of the "get togethers", to enjoy them just the same. Regards, Clinton "WorldWalker"

SAMnSAW - 10/12/00 16:39:27
My Email:SAMnSAW@msn.com
Area on the Planet: tornado alley
Birthday & Favorite Color: Green/Blue..Jan1 and Mar 11
Best Activity: oh..hmm..talking to u online?
Ideal Vacation Spot: anywhere we are...together
Most Treasured Quiet Time: anywhere on the road..traveling to see friends
Fondest Goal or Fantasy: SAM says ...well, use ur imagination!!! SAW says...uh oh...more imagination required here!!!

Just a note...we looked at the WHOLE thing this time...and as usual...fantastic job!!! We especially liked finding all the little (?) add on touches u made..like planting George in a photo he wasn't really in!! flowers that weren't really 'the' flowers f the skit...well u know what u did...and so do we!!! (snickering) Anyway, as usual, u did a wonderful job of the display...thanks for the time energy and effort involved in doing this (even if that isn't why u do it!!!) we love having the memories ....oh and SAM says to tell u that those are some fine 'balloons' u have that he ogles! hehehe SAM just said as he walked away from this 'I'd like to visit them in Texas again.

Cajun Djay - 10/11/00 03:14:03
My Email:djay@cp-tel.com
Area on the Planet: Louisiana
Birthday & Favorite Color: 12/11/34 Blue
Best Activity: computers
Ideal Vacation Spot: all over
Most Treasured Quiet Time: sitting on my porch looking at the lake
Fondest Goal or Fantasy: to be healthy and enjoy life

Well Nell you've done it again. What a wonderful and well done page. It was Gerry and I, pleasure to meet you and George in person in Branson. It was a wonderful and most joyus time. It was out first GTG and we really enjoyed ourselves. Thanks

Wayne Miller - 10/10/00 15:24:17
My URL:http://www.marway79.com
My Email:marway@excel.net
Area on the Planet: Wisconsin
Birthday & Favorite Color: 12/6/37 blue
Best Activity: writing
Ideal Vacation Spot: Whidbey Island, Wash.
Most Treasured Quiet Time: flying
Fondest Goal or Fantasy: becoming a pilot

A wonderful array of pictures capturing moments of love and sharing.

Iris (ShakeyLady) - 10/10/00 07:35:00
My Email:clsts@msn.com
Birthday & Favorite Color: 12/11 Purple
Best Activity: Chatting (of course)
Ideal Vacation Spot: The Ocean at Sunset
Most Treasured Quiet Time: Late evening
Fondest Goal or Fantasy: hummmmm??

Nellita, You've out done yourself. These pages are outstanding. I felt like I was there with ya'll. I had a good laugh over the orange game. It must have been a riot in person. Thanks for sharing a seemingly wonderful gtg. (((huggsss))) Shakey

Wanda Cline - 10/09/00 15:47:48

Nellie, I just saw the Branson Belle Pages. They are delightful. They brought it all back to me like nothing else ever could have. You do a beautiful job with the presentation, the music etc and the pictures are wonderful. Thank God for Nellie and Tha k You dear Lady!

Wanda Cline - 10/08/00 14:54:18
My Email:wandacline@msn.com
Area on the Planet: Littleton, Colorado
Birthday & Favorite Color: April - Green
Best Activity: Time with Family
Ideal Vacation Spot: Hawaii
Most Treasured Quiet Time: A grandchild sleeping in my arms
Fondest Goal or Fantasy: Finding Mr Right

Nellie, I have enjoyed your pages so much. Every Sunday morning I look at them again and see what is new and relive the past events. You are so talented and your work means a great deal to many people. Thanks for being you.

LazyDaisy - 10/08/00 09:17:39
My Email:doutz@bellsouth.com
Area on the Planet: Sunny Southland
Birthday & Favorite Color: 11/27 - "When I Am An Old Woman I Shall Wear Purple"
Best Activity: Walking
Ideal Vacation Spot: Anywhere there is sunshine, a soft breeze & a beach
Most Treasured Quiet Time: Soft music & a good book
Fondest Goal or Fantasy: I "must" keep some secrets, you know?

Nell, I've said it before, and I say it again, you do the most incredible work but you've outdone yourself with these Branson pages! How hard you must have worked on them. They are fantastic! The thrill of meeting you and George is beyond words. I am so grateful to add you two wonderful people to my list of cherished friends and would be honored to have "ya'll" come to South Carolina and visit me any time. There will always be a light in the window for you! I love you two people very much. Hugs, Kisses & Daisies!

Lakeside - 10/08/00 07:07:36
My Email:napean@Ameritech.net
Area on the Planet: Morton Grove, IL
Birthday & Favorite Color: July 5/any color if blue...
Best Activity: People contact..helping..learning about etc. etc. etc.
Ideal Vacation Spot: has to be near water
Most Treasured Quiet Time: not much time for it now...but I do like to read
Fondest Goal or Fantasy: still in formation

Back again.... only to relive the Branson fun this visit. Nell, you keep amazing me. Thanks and hugs for all your efforts to record it all. (and a hug for George...if you aren't looking..well, dang it even if you are looking) Audrey

nellita - 10/06/00 13:40:23

checking out the guestbook

Crazylady922 - 10/02/00 17:25:04
My URL:http://www.sue'shomestead.com
My Email:staceysuesinclaire@hotmail.com
Area on the Planet: Scottsdale, Arizona
Birthday & Favorite Color: 11/18/1944-Purple
Best Activity: hiking, walking,nature
Ideal Vacation Spot: beach, Mountains, just about anywhere it is breezy & cool
Most Treasured Quiet Time: reading great quotes fm Bible & reading other books as well at the beach, preferably.
Fondest Goal or Fantasy: To be who God wants me to be & to do his will...I like to see it as a goal, however, seems like a fantasy at times.

I want to thank "Punjab" for telling me of this site and for inviting me to FriendsForever chat where he tells me he will introduce me to everyone. I cannot seem to get into FriendsForever Chat, however, even tho he has given me the URL & tried hard to g t me in....someday, hopefully, I will get in and get to meet all you friendly folks!!!! Thank you, Punjab and all the rest of my friends to be. (L)

- 10/02/00 12:32:34
My Email:phils@powerup.com.au
Area on the Planet: australia


shlyfox - 10/02/00 04:20:15

Hi'a Nell: Just finished the Branson GTG Skit Pages. Wow or wow. Excellent job by actors et al. Noticed all the little extra editing you did in photos. U never cease to amaze me. Great job. :-)

Rogge - 10/01/00 20:18:19
My Email:rogge_g@hotmail.com
Area on the Planet: Norway

Hey Nellita. Enjoyd your Branson-pages, specially the Skit, The Best Little Warehouse in Branson :-) Seems like u all had a great time in Branson. Looking forward to the following pages. Hugs from Norway

Barbara McBride - 10/01/00 19:56:45
My Email:msjean@hotmail.com
Area on the Planet: So California

Nellita! How can I say it? You have done an absolutely fabulous job of your Branson Pages! You have worked SO hard. (I know what it takes) Thank you SO much for your and George's help at the Branson picnic and entertainment! You are so oved and appreciated by everyone! See you next year! Love, MsJean aka Barbara.

Baku - 10/01/00 12:46:57

Super, really enjoyed the Play from 8,000 miles away! Naturally, my favorite was Capri! Baku

Jeff (knutt) - 09/30/00 10:46:30
My Email:jeffnutterjr@hotmail.com
Area on the Planet: Birmingham, Alabama, USA
Birthday & Favorite Color: 1/1/38: green, earthtones
Best Activity: Fall: Troy State Football: other times, looking forward to Fall
Ideal Vacation Spot: With Casey my wife, Anywhere
Most Treasured Quiet Time: Early am before the birds wake up is MY time
Fondest Goal or Fantasy: Have a million dollars and not change a thing

Dear Nellieanna, Good morning. The birds have not awaken yet and it is quiet, unusually quiet. It is that time I love the most. Before the world wakes, I sit quietly with my thoughts and look upon the beautiful pages you have created. You have a talent in creating bea ty that is unsurpassed. It is in those entities I have lost myself this morning. My Casey is still sleeping and we plan a short trip today to visit some friends. Have a wonderful weekend, and remember to thank Him for all our collective blessings each a d everyday. Your friend and cohort in this, our world... love ya gal, jeff

Sheryl Kuska - 09/29/00 19:54:46
My Email:Kerryblue5050@hotmail.com
Area on the Planet: State of Washington
Birthday & Favorite Color: Jan 7 Red
Best Activity: Piano
Ideal Vacation Spot: USA - Motor homing
Most Treasured Quiet Time: 1st thing in AM
Fondest Goal or Fantasy: Playing with Boston Symphony

Nell as always you do such a great job with this

JanNet - 09/27/00 23:27:57
My Email:hanksasintom@msn.com
Area on the Planet: Cajun Country

The Branson site is fantastic! Can't wait to see how you finish it up. Makes me feel -almost- like I was really there.

Jeannie Coulson - 09/25/00 21:44:53
My Email:meanna@vbe.com
Area on the Planet: Berlin, Wisconsin
Birthday & Favorite Color: 12/05/55 RED

I'm LuvLuv's sister-in-law and she sent me this. Looks like you all had fun down there. Wish I could of made it, but maybe next time. Glad to see faces to go with the names. Your doing a great job. Jeannie

Kaye - 09/25/00 10:32:42
My Email:chainsaw@surfsouth.com
Area on the Planet: South Ga.

Hi Nell, I enjoy your site often. You have done a great job and it is such fun to see all the faces that we talk to. Thanks for remembering Sonny. Will be talking to you soon, I hope! Hope this is a great day for you. Kaye

Barbara (Barby) - 09/25/00 06:04:30
My Email:Barby7777@aol.com
Area on the Planet: Kansas

Enjoyed seeing chatters, I have chatted with, and some I have got to meet before.. This was very nice, and well done.. very good pictures...

Cajun_Djay - 09/22/00 23:50:04
My Email:djay@cp-tel.net
Area on the Planet: Louisiana
Birthday & Favorite Color: 12/11/34 Blue
Best Activity: casinos, puters, vacationing
Ideal Vacation Spot: Branson
Most Treasured Quiet Time: fishing

Great as usual but missing one thing Nell,lol The cajun was not there??????

gram8 - 09/22/00 02:26:10
My Email:laurence.clements@gte.net
Area on the Planet: shoreline washington state
Birthday & Favorite Color: 5/ 16/32 humm pastels
Best Activity: bowling vacationing
Ideal Vacation Spot: Puerto Vallarta and Cabo San Lucas Mexico
Most Treasured Quiet Time: evening when hubby is asleep LOL
Fondest Goal or Fantasy: think I reached it

LOve the web site and the friends even tho I'm new

Barbara & Frank Shinn - 09/18/00 23:05:39
My Email:shinnb@hotmail.com
Area on the Planet: Louisiana
Birthday & Favorite Color: October 21 Red
Best Activity: Friends
Ideal Vacation Spot: Las Vegas
Most Treasured Quiet Time: Church
Fondest Goal or Fantasy: Eternal Life

Love you Nell and George. Thank you for such a wonderful time in Branson. Happyla

honeybuns - 09/11/00 03:12:21

loved the site very pretty pics and done beautifully.

Jeff (knutt) - 09/11/00 01:41:04
My Email:jeffnutterjr@hotmail.com
Area on the Planet: Birmingham, Alabama, USA
Birthday & Favorite Color: 1/1/38: green, earthtones
Best Activity: Fall: Troy State Football: other times, looking forward to Fall
Ideal Vacation Spot: With Casey my wife, Anywhere
Most Treasured Quiet Time: Early am before the birds wake up is MY time
Fondest Goal or Fantasy: Have a million dollars and not change a thing

Enjoyed visiting tonight. Saw your tribute to Vic and could not be more loving and thoughtful. I did not know him, but I know his goodness he left behind on the people he cared about. Your work does not go unappreciated and admired! Hope all had a grea weekend/Jeff and Casey

kinoini - 09/07/00 14:01:14
My URL:http://www.kinoini.com
Area on the Planet: Long Island, NY

Nellita, your site is incredible!!! You've done such a wonderful job, and I must say, you and George make such a wonderful couple. Thank you for linking my site, and for putting Mini in your pets page.

^^BooBoo^^ - 09/07/00 01:14:26
My Email:carolhyde@lanset.com
Area on the Planet: California
Birthday & Favorite Color: July 10th.......Pink
Best Activity: Visiting with Friends!
Ideal Vacation Spot: Anywhere with water
Most Treasured Quiet Time: Evenings-chat room
Fondest Goal or Fantasy: To stay happy!

Nell....I have not been here for a visit in many months now! Geeez, you added sooooo much! Even updated my pics too! LOL I can never come for a visit without spending hours just enjoying everything again! I am soooooooo proud to have you as my frien and know we will finally meet someday soon! Love ya gal! BooBoo

Wanda Cline - 09/05/00 15:21:35
My Email:wandacline@msn.com
Area on the Planet: Littleton, Colorado

This is a very nice tribute to your husband. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to view it.

Rob - 09/04/00 09:34:56

ty goes out to meme she sent this page to me. It is just wonderful. ty for sharing it with me . Dragon

Darrel Chapman - 09/03/00 02:44:33
My Email:Chapychapman@msn.com
Area on the Planet: the hot deserts of Arizona
Birthday & Favorite Color: 1-19-34 and blue
Best Activity: haha lots of them
Ideal Vacation Spot: Lots of those too
Most Treasured Quiet Time: Beachcombing
Fondest Goal or Fantasy: A world in harmony

Hi Sweetheart. What a great job putting George on display. What a great guy you have. Just cant wait to see you both again. Pick you up and hug you. And give George a big hug too. Thanks for being a good friend. DD.

Ron Tateman - 09/03/00 01:34:07
My Email:IncentiveMarketing
Area on the Planet: Just N. of Dayton, Ohio

Ahhhhh..... Nell... as usual, you did a beautiful job on George's web page. Those wood carvings by George's Mother are BEAUTIFUL! What a "talent" his Mother had. I'm sure George must be pleased with this. :o)

Ron Landon Sr. - 09/03/00 01:04:51
My Email:You already know, he hee
Area on the Planet: back woods of washington state
Birthday & Favorite Color: found under rock, Candy Apple Purple
Best Activity: scourning the internet
Ideal Vacation Spot: Home
Most Treasured Quiet Time: Spending time with my wife
Fondest Goal or Fantasy: Turning back the clock 35 years

Just visiting, just had to look in oh George beings he finally has debuted on the net... LoLs..

annmarie-goodgal - 09/03/00 00:56:13
My Email:goodgal@rochester.rr.com
Area on the Planet: nutcrackersuite :)
Birthday & Favorite Color: 0ct30th teal
Best Activity: reading
Ideal Vacation Spot: the beach
Most Treasured Quiet Time: midnight
Fondest Goal or Fantasy: serenity

wow!!! what awesome carvings! beautiful!!! such a talent! ...in mexico i bought 2 carvings in limestone of mayan warriors. ty for sending me this link Nell and HI george!!! will send more mayan ruins pics to you...have a great day!!! ty once again sincerely annmarie

Bill Pryor - 09/02/00 23:53:12
My URL:http://www.jcca.net
My Email:BillPryor1@Home.com
Area on the Planet: New Orleans, Louisiana
Birthday & Favorite Color: 6/29/37 - Blue
Best Activity: Tennis
Ideal Vacation Spot: Any Tennis Camp
Most Treasured Quiet Time: 1:00 AM - working at tennis administration
Fondest Goal or Fantasy: Winning the U.S. Open in 5 sets

Thank you for inviting me to your web site and guest book. The URL you sent me - led me to some very creative material. I like what you do with color - and with photographs. You are very talented - and it is obvious that you are a very happy person. U happy people cannot be creative - but on the other hand, if I am NOT creative - it is no reflection of happiness. Bill

Lakeside, aka Audrey - 09/02/00 15:21:02
My Email:napean@Ameritech.net
Area on the Planet: Morton Grove, IL
Birthday & Favorite Color: July 5 /Blue
Best Activity: Interacting with peeps
Ideal Vacation Spot: anywhere near water, I think
Most Treasured Quiet Time: Early morning..alone . outdoors right now
Fondest Goal or Fantasy: still in formation

I never miss a grand opening of Nellita's offering to share beautiful things and as usual I was overwhelmed with awe......and this time..and it was very difficult to do..I did not revisit the other segments..... Luff und stuff to you and George. ........

Jeff (knutt) - 09/02/00 09:27:37
My Email:jeffnutterjr@hotmail.com
Area on the Planet: Birmingham, Alabama, USA
Birthday & Favorite Color: 1/1/38: green, earthtones
Best Activity: Fall: Troy State Football: other times, looking forward to Fall
Ideal Vacation Spot: With Casey my wife, Anywhere
Most Treasured Quiet Time: Early am before the birds wake up is MY time
Fondest Goal or Fantasy: Have a million dollars and not change a thing

Nellieanna: So enjoyed visiting your page again. We talk almost everyday and you have become a dear friend. Your efforts are appreciated as it is hours of tedious work. Maybe one day I will take that step in faith and try it. Love you all, and as Red Skelton said each time he signed off "And May God Bless".

Nellieanna - (anytime, really_
My Email:nellieanna@msn.com
Area on the Planet: Dallas, Tx - USA
Birthday & Favorite Color: Groundhog Day - Feb. 2 - green
Best Activity: hm - poetry, I think
Ideal Vacation Spot: On a tropic isle by cruise ship - with lots of amenities and the perfect companion
Most Treasured Quiet Time: My quietude abides within me everywhere - but the external influence I find most conducive is the ranch.
Fondest Goal or Fantasy: To write great book/books.

I thought it fair to answer these questions myself. I had to redo my questbook, so this is a whole new beginning --- (s) -- Nellieanna