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Every precious moment!

And here is my dear George!

He was barely home from the hospital
and getting a new lease on life
following a serious heart attack August 30, 2001.
Thanks to a great medical and rehab team -
plus lifestyle revisions, - he did well and for us both,
every day was a new beginning!

Then, late in 2004, there was an extremely fast heart rate
and an atrial flutter was discovered.
But following an ablation procedure in early 2005,
things were vastly improved,
which was the best Christmas and birthday present which either of us could have wanted!

From then on, for several years he continued to do
as well as could be hoped physically.

However, the short-term memory loss which had resulted
from the heart attack when his vital functions stopped briefly
became a growing daily challenge - to us both.
brAs it became steadily worse, ever more serious complications ensued.
But we dealt with them valiantly and joyfully celebrated our days
together and with family and friends,
always acutely aware of how much we had to be thankful for!

It was wonderful how gracefully he retained his great personality,
kept up his interess and stayed close to his friends!

He just never gave upn on living life as fully and cheerfully as possible,
and he took each day as it came.
This large spirit is obvious from these pictures which I snapped in 2008!

What an inspiration and what a wonderful life!

These two guys are among his best friends, as he loved to remind them
how special to him they both were.
He'd mention that Bob was just about his oldest best friend,
and that John was probably his youngest (latest) best friend.
Bless his heart - he never failed to include me
in his "bestest friend" list too.

Trent came to us as a broker recommended by George, Jr.
and quickly became a dear and trusted friend to us both!
He continues to give me help as only a friend would -
way beyond the call of duty.

True to form, George poured over documents, even though the memory issue
maddeningly interferred with the process.
Nevertheless, he persisted and gave serious things his serious thought.

Often he pondered a range of things in more relaxed posture.
He composed more poetry during those times than in prior years, in fact,
and took pains to preserve, arrange and index them on his computer, though
it had become an increaingly trying exercise for him.

He gtill loved to play his harmonica and compiled lists of song titles
he wanted and intended to play!
Once reminded, his longterm memory took over and he could recall
all the lyrics and tunes of countless songs, as well as other things,
such as movies and lengthy poetic quotations.

Indeed, these were most precious moments and days. . .

I gave him a small binoculars to help him bring the outdoors in when
it had become more difficult for him to step outside and putter in the yard,
or swing a golf club on a practice ball -
or cast a lure into an invisible "bassy-looking" pond
as he'd done up till more recently.
But he loved to observe the antics of squirrels and birds outside
the patio doors. Sometimes he'd take pictures or write a poem about them.
He almost always noticed that tree across the way with flowers high up
in it branches - and wondered each time what they were!
They were the sasme crepe myrtle but each time
he noticed them as though for the first time and enjoyed it.

George always loved to tease around and had a rather droll humor
which is expressed in this precious picture, if one knew him.

He never lost the fun-loving and other basic qualities of his special nature.
Even at his weakest in the hospital, his comments were pure "George Hay"!

He was still vigorously holding forth in early 2008 - and being heeded!
This was a most familiar body language with his
preceeding statement that,
"I'm not going to pontificate, but. . . "
which we all understood!

Sadly his physical health deteriorated rather quickly in 2008
and failed in early September.

I wish you all well! Take good care of yourselves
and each other....please!
Life is precious. Cherish it!

Make every moment count!

Celebrating a birthday with Logan and the family!



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