MUSIC: Way Down Yonder in New Orleans
Performed by: Pete Fountain

Page updated: July 26, 2005

This is a place for
to be indulged in,
as they present themselves for our

Here's our OWN
A Duke in the Mardi Gras King's Court!

Quite appropriately...
accompanied by a lovely Duchess!

This honor was Don's several years ago...
Such a dashing Duke!
Ah, but such a moment never fades!
It's one I feel sure he will ever treasure...

It's NOT just ANY

I'm so Pleased ...
to be Able to Share it Here
For His Online Friends!

My own Memories of New Orleans
are Dearly Cherished, too.
(And of course - it's Really,
Rightly Called ... N'awlins!)

My first visit there was long ago.
Again and again, over the years I returned.
The magic seemed to draw me back.

Each visit had a special ambience all its own,
...its being part of my own life at the moment,
from honeymoon to surprise birthday party,
from winning the trip as a prize to just passing through.

But the essences of New Orleans persisted, - the city,
the French Quarter - Vieux Carre - itself,
with its hidden courtyards and shuttered doorways...
and always - a sense of CELEBRATION!

All of it - the river, the lake, the levees, the bayous...
the surrounding countryside with its lovely plantations,
the magnolias and Spanish moss...even the graveyards...

It's like no other place on earth, I think.
I've heard it said that there are five
really picturesque cities in the United States.
Of course, New Orleans leads the list!

New Orleans - ah - it means delicious cuisine!
Ralph and Kacoo's seafood place - in town,
where I tasted my first 'gator...
(and thoroughly enjoyed it!)

The famous Breakfast at Brennan's is incredible!
Antoine's for breakfast is (if possible) even more so!
Gourmet entrees with mimosas and chicory coffee.
Or it's brunch tables at the Court of Two Sisters,
laden with an endless array of exotic foods
...served with some exotic beverage, perhaps a sazarac!
Only in N'awlins!

And it's other wondrous places
...whose names I can't even remember.
I remember tasting my first turtle soup and frog's legs
on my very first N'awlins visit! So delicious!
Even the little Chinese fast-food egg-roll stalls are fun.
(It's NOT someplace to start a weight-loss diet!)

It's Dixieland bands!
Pat O'Brien's with those twin pianos
up on that center stage...making music all night
while we sip Hurricanes, the house specialty.
It's Pete Fountain's and Preservation Hall
...with the long hard benches and magnificent music.

...On romantic drizzly nights...
It's ducking into little clubs with open doors
and cobblestone floors worn smooth
from the many pairs of revelers' feet...
to hear the music and sip piping hot Irish coffee.

It's staying at a hotel on Bourbon Street,
looking down from lacy wrought-iron balconies
to the throngs below,
where festivities never really stop,
except for the short time at dawn
...while the street sweepers take advantage of a slight lull
to prepare it for another day and night of festive people!

It's fine antique shops, gaudy tourist traps,
unique perfume shops featuring the fragrances of the area.
Very risque' dives with dim light and sticky floors.

Starving artists on folding stools creating their art.
Museums. Galleries, fabulous home decorator studios.
Quaint little apartments occupied by modern moguls...
or ... might they be filled with Tennessee Williams' characters?

Of course, it's the Market down by the River,
...buying hot beignets and loaves of mouth-watering French bread,
seafood, cayenne pepper and file gumbo.
...being unable to resist tearing into the goodies right away!

It's steamboats gliding by with paddle-wheels
churning the muddy Mississippi...
It's barges and tugboats - and ocean liners docked.

It's swarms of people jostling by, going places...
...probably craving shrimp creole, gumbo, oysters...
"dirty rice", jambalaya, crawfish etouffee',
beans and rice, blackened redfish...and all the other delicacies!

It's street-performers....musicians, tap-dancers, singers...
jugglers, balloon sculpters, organ-grinders.

Once we saw and heard a one-man rendition
of Fiddler On The Roof performed!

New Orleans, really, is tingly sensations...
sight - sound - taste - touch - smell.

To me, she IS the subtle fragrance of vetiver in baskets
hanging from ceilings and doorways...
wafting its intrique and seeming to be everywhere,
so much that it carries the very essence
of the Vieux Carre's eerie aura of voodoo and black magic,
weaving images out of seductive lore and legends.

It all blends into a sense of mystery and history,
and its magic permeates one's senses,
symbolized by the Fleur de Lis - the flower of the lily,
or - sometimes thought to be a stylized bee...could it - 'bee'?

Even the languages are its very own...unique...
Cajun and Creole, both romance and lanquidly deep-South,
spoken as though containing vital secrets...
Perhaps - the secrets of N'awlins?

I've Never Been to Mardi Gras.
Someone Once Brought Me Tales,
Glass Beads and "Silver" Dubloons,
Caught when Tossed to the Revelers
By the King and His Court on Parade.
So Now, at Least, I Can Claim
I Actually KNOW Someone Who Was
A DUKE in The King's Court -

This has been a little visit to the Big Easy....
I hope it's been pleasant!

Another time, amother place,
also full of personal celebration & festival
might be shared here later on! Njoy!

N'walins from space...

Anru - Our visit with Ania & Rudi!

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