MUSIC: Friends
Page updated: July 26, 2005

Friends get together!!

Dallas ~ Friday, March 31, 2000

Nellita, Capri (Joan), Al (Al-one - but not for much longer), and Marian_VT

The spirit of friendship pervades,
as chat friends became "real-live" friends
and could actually reach out and touch~~

AH! YES!That's what friends are for!

It was at this get-together than Marian and Al
discovered they were truly in love - (now married!)

friends ~ friends ~ friends ~ friends ~ friends ~ friends ~

My dear George.... my friend, my sounding-board!

Having such a congenial group of folks,
there was as much fun and laughter as hugs.....
but lots of those, too!!

...and so, having spent some lovely time together,
we parted Friday afternoon,
and are fully intending to meet again,
perhaps to increase our group read on!!!

Saturday, April Fool's Day!

I came alone this time.
It was raining ourside. But - who cared?

Marian had arrived alone, also, and Capri had joined her.
They were sipping coffee in the hotel lobby when I arrived
and joined them.

A bit later, we meandered out into the mall
next to the iceskating rink
and had a delightful lunch at La Madelaine . . yum!

Then we shopped a bit.
The Westin opens right into a glamourous mall.
So - how could we NOT??

Shoes seemed to beckon . . .

It was totally memorable!

NEVER miss a chance to meet chat friends!
It is 'way good.
In fact it is SPECTACULAR!!!!!!


2000 - A Dallas Summer Caper


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